Woman sparks debate accusing people of cheating if they delete text messages – so which side do you take?

HAVE you ever found yourself deleting texts behind your partner’s back, or feel a pang of panic when they ask to see your phone?

Well, one woman on TikTok has some sobering news for you all – you’re cheating.

TikTok user Jill (@jillt01) shared her view on what constitutes modern-day cheating, dividing opinions with her interesting thoughts.

Jill claims: “Cheating isn’t always flirting, kissing or more.

If you’re deleting messages or you daren’t leave your phone with your partner, you go into panic mode – then you’re already there.”

Jill’s message is simple and clear, but not everyone agrees with her opinion.

A follower argued: “Not always… my bestie is a female of 35 years and there’s NEVER been anything in it but my partner would never believe that!!!”

Another said: “Never done any of that… but why would I leave phone with partner it’s private, I’d not look at hers either. If she didn’t trust me she’d be gone anyway.”

One commented: “Isn’t this just absolutely wrong. If I want to buy my misses something nice or plan something as a surprise then I’ll remove my emails and messages.”

So can texting really be considered cheating, even if it’s totally innocent?

Many of her followers think she has a point, with a fair few sharing their heartbreak tales in the comments.

One follower commented: “Cannot agree more. Just lost my bestie/wife after 22yrs for this exact reason. It’s just got more and more. Broken man/dad.”

Another said: “Looking back I should have trusted my gut and intuition when I spotted the signs instead of listening to the reasoning.”

Jill certainly divided opinions over this theory, but does she have a point?

The video has garnered over 80,000 views and over 4,100 likes.

Do you agree with Jill’s theory, or is she barking up the wrong tree?

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