Woman’s horror after ‘becoming Shrek’ in face mask fail hours before interview

A woman has turned to TikTok for help after accidentally turning herself into "Shrek" while trying a new skincare treatment.

Kota wanted to present her best self at a job interview and decided to put on a chlorophyll face mask the night before – but it didn't end well.

She wrote on her post: "Job interview at Bank of America tomorrow. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this off?

"Exfoliating did barely anything I’m still green."

In the video, she says she watched some TikTok videos about chlorophyll and learned that it is good for the skin.

So to help tackle her skin problem, Kota has a go and rubs in the green-coloured algae extract onto her face before letting it sit for a few minutes.

But she panics when she washes her face and realises the colour won't come off.

Kota says: "I'm having a difficult time rubbing it in. And now i'm trying to rub it off, these [colours] are [on] my fingers and it won't come off. So…"

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She tries again later and manages to wash off most of the chlorophyll mask but the residue remains visible on her face and neck.

Viewers found Kota's blunder hilarious and compared her to the Disney character in "Shrek".

A man said: "Shrek time!"

"I'm getting a Shrek vibe here," a second wrote while a third commented: "Okay, modern day version of The Mask."

Others suggested she "reschedule the job interview".

One wrote: "Honestly the best bet is to reschedule your interview."

A second said: "You go in and say you're ill, I mean, you literally look pale and they can't argue with that."

Kota gave updates in the comments and said she decided to sleep in with the residue to see if the stain would go away.

Luckily the next day, her skin wasn't green anymore.

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