Wont notice the temperature difference: Save £80 on your heating with a minor change

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Chloe Carmichael is a money saving expert and founder of Chloe’s Deal Club. She helps Britons save money on beauty and home items by sharing amazing deals each week and knows all too well the struggles Britons are facing with their bills. She told Express.co.uk readers to turn their heating down just a tiny bit to save a large sum.

Chloe told Express.co.uk: “The average home temperature in the UK is 18 to 21 degrees.”

According to the expert, just a small change can save a chunk of money.

She said: “Turning your heating down by one degree could save you around £80 a year on energy and you probably won’t notice the temperature difference.”

What other tips does Chloe have to save cash around the home? She offered a few pieces of advice.

“There are lots of simple tips that we all know, but it’s worth highlighting these again as every little helps, and the savings could add up over a year,” she said.

Holly went on: “Don’t fill your kettle right up as it will take longer to boil.

“It could be more efficient to use your kettle to add boiling water to a pot when cooking, instead of boiling it on the hob.

“Use a draught excluder and seal windows, cracks in floors, or skirting boards.

“Use a slow cooker as modern ones are more energy efficient.

“When cooking pasta, bring your pan to the boil and then cover the pan and turn the hob off and leave for 20 minutes.

“This will save you at least 10 to 12 minutes of gas or electricity use.”

When it comes to laundry, there are a number of useful tips to save money too.

Chloe said: “There’s a saying, ‘If the ground is dry, your laundry will dry’, which I’ll be sticking to for laundry instead of using the dryer.

“I’ve also heard great things about the laundry Eco Egg, which replaces washing powder and fabric softener.

“The £9.99 reusable egg contains pellets, which last around 70 washes, and refills are £4.99 which last 50 washes, so I’ll be trying this out to save money on washing powder and softener and also to reduce plastic waste.”

Genius methods to reduce energy bills

Switch off any items on standby

Whether it’s your oven or the TV, if the utility is on standby it is using extra energy. Keep it turned off to save cash.

Make sure your fridge is at the right temperature

A fridge that is too warm will mean you are replacing food too often. A fridge that is too cold will also ruin food, and burn too much energy.

You can take the temperature of a fridge with a fridge thermometer. It should be between three and four degrees.

Use ceramic in the oven

Glass and ceramic dishes heat better than metal ones, meaning they are more energy efficient.

Rearrange the living room

If your sofa is too close to the radiator it will block the heat to the room.

Move it further away from the radiator or to another part of the room entirely.

Check your dishwasher…

for an eco function. This will help to keep costs down by running the machine more efficiently.

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