Worried neighbour calls police after mistaking kids wrestling for a ‘domestic’

A mum was stunned when her new neighbours reported kids wrestling as a "domestic" and police surrounded the front porch, as shown in doorbell cam footage.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by mum-of-five @babymamaxox2, a cop slams his fist against the door and shouts: "Sheriff's office open the door!"

He then steps back and points his gun towards someone out of view as they open the door.

"Step out, step out for me man," the cop says.

A boy, who looks to be about to be around aged 10, then walks out onto the porch and the police officer questions him while his gun is still aimed at him.

"Who else is in the house?' he asks.

The youngster tells him it's just his aunt, his uncle, and his cousin.

On the screen, the text reads: "When the neighbours thought there was a domestic but the kids were wrestling."

The video was "liked" more than 2.3 million times and received thousands of comments since it was uploaded in January.

In the caption, the TikTok user explained that all the neighbour saw were "shadows" through the windows and "heard yells" – prompting them to call the police.

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Many people, particularly those from outside the US, were still shocked by the response of the police officers.

"Imagine opening the door after just wrestling with your brothers and a cop just has a gun pointed at you," said the top-rated commentator.

Other people defended the police, and the neighbours, and said it was good to check and assume the worst.

A user wrote: "They actually handled this in a good way I’ve watched a lot worse at least they knocked."

"Every neighbour should do this it’s important even if it’s a mistake," someone else commented.

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