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It's been a slow start for 2022 — in great part due to Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and financial stability, retrograde since December 19 and Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde since January 14. Instead of plowing forward with ambitious resolutions and exciting new undertakings galore, we've been challenged to look back in order to reflect, revise, and perfect existing projects. Thankfully, as February gets underway, this quiet, self-reflective phase will wrap up, making it possible to begin to build the momentum you've been dreaming of — especially because we're in Aquarius season until February 18. As the ruler of the eleventh house of long-term wishes, the fixed air sign's season can't help but set a forward-thinking tone.

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In fact, on the first of the month, a new moon in Aquarius — also the Lunar New Year — can support humanitarian, independent-minded intentions. Just two days later, Mercury will end its retrograde in Capricorn. With Venus and Mars both traveling through the cardinal earth sign this whole month, we'll have plenty of time to blend the Sea Goat's industrious energy with the Water Bearer's eye for innovation. And while the confident sun moves through dreamy Pisces from February 18 through the end of the month, a healthy dose of Neptunian escapism can stoke our imaginations — precisely what's called for as we hunker down through the rest of the winter. 

(Be sure to read your rising sign as well as your sun.)


Getting group projects off the ground has probably been a bit frustrating, thanks to messenger Mercury moving backward through your networking zone from January 14 to 25 and then through your career zone from the 25th to February 3. Your attention has been pulled toward putting out fires and tying up loose ends on existing endeavors. Or maybe you've been distracted trying to make previously set big picture intentions fit your current reality. Either way, you'll get a fresh start around February 1 when the new moon falls in your long-term wishes sector, inspiring you to zero in on the goals that are the best fit for the present moment — and to put your nose to the grindstone to gain results. You'll be more motivated than usual to put in the work, thanks to the new moon's coziness with taskmaster Saturn — and a tense but activating square to breakthrough-bringing Uranus in your money zone. 

This month can also get you fired up to step into the spotlight and take on more responsibilities than usual as a result of go-getter Mars moving through your career zone. On February 8, it'll form a harmonizing trine to electrifying Uranus, inspiring you to make a bold move — possibly out of the blue — to switch up your approach to bringing in cash. February's not only about cranking up your earning potential, though. Around February 16, when the full moon falls in your romance and self-expression zone, you might want to hit pause on work to enjoy a fulfilling, belated V-Day celebration with your S.O. or dear friends. And while the confident sun moves through your spirituality zone from February 18 to March 20, your focus turns inward. Expect your dreams, meditations, and conversations in therapy to be more intense and insightful. 


It's possible that Aquarius season, which has been hitting your career zone since January 19, has been going rather slowly, as a result of Mercury kicking off its retrograde there and Venus, your ruler, moving backward all of last month as well. Thankfully, around February 1, when the new moon falls there too, you'll get the sense that you can finally begin to gain some traction. And once Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, looking back on what you've learned over the past three weeks could be especially useful as you begin to take steps forward — slowly and surely, as you're generally apt to do anyway. Venus' forward movement can also help, and when it pairs up with gung-ho Mars in your adventure zone on February 16, it'll be as though you finally have the green light to move beyond your usual routine — ideally in love or in the bedroom.

The same day, a full moon in your home zone could inspire you to find more time to tend to your roots and emotional well-being. In fact, getting even more centered in this way can make you more confident and clear when moving toward your professional aspirations. Working more closely alongside friends and colleagues toward shared goals will also be a must, particularly as the confident sun moves through your networking zone from February 18 to March 20. This season will stir you to think about who you want by your side — and who will offer you the most support — as you pursue your passion projects and long-term wishes. 


With messenger Mercury, your ruler, retrograde since January 14, life has likely been a lot slower than you'd prefer it to be. With the planet of communication moving backward in your intimacy zone since January 25, you've been challenged to go inward and reflect on your comfort level within your closest bonds. Thankfully, after February 3, you can start to take action on everything you've been meditating on. Perhaps it's time to cut ties with certain people, patterns, or behaviors that are no longer serving you. On the other hand, you could be ready to partner with someone new, to share resources and hit the ground running to build satisfying, long-term results. The next day, the vitality-bringing sun pairs up with taskmaster Saturn in your higher learning zone, combining confidence and hard work. If you've been talking about your game plan for honing your skillset or planning future travel but holding off on taking action, now's a moment in which you can get the ball rolling. 

Once messenger Mercury lands there once more on February 14 — where it'll hang until March 9 — you'll have even more wind in your sails. Talking through your plans with friends or colleagues could be emotionally centering around February 16 when the full moon falls in your communication zone. But your attention could be divided between coming up with inspiring, creative ideas galore and acting on your steamiest desires that day, because romantic Venus and go-getter Mars will pair up in your intimacy zone, making you feel like it's completely possible to pursue a long-held, incredibly hot fantasy. Somehow, it could just feel more practical to make it real now simply by speaking your truth and acting on it. The experience could set a truly empowering tone for the rest of the month, especially as you move into Gemini season and the sun's trip through your career zone, which runs from February 18 to March 20. 


On February 1, the month gets going with your ruler, the intuitive moon, kicking off a whole new cycle that activates your intimacy zone. Aquarius season has nudged you to reflect on how you're blending your life with your S.O. or how you'd want to do that down the road with a potential partner, and this new moon is an opportunity to gain even more clarity around your needs. And you'll feel positive that you're up for any work that's required to ensure your big-picture wishes come true. It should be a fairly empowering kickoff to the month — which is quickly followed up by messenger Mercury ending its retrograde in your partnership zone on February 3, which can make for smoother sailing and less misunderstanding in all your one-on-one endeavors. 

Talking through income-boosting ideas with a friend or batting around business proposals with a former colleague might also be in your best interest this month. Around February 16, a full moon hits your money zone, sending you into your feelings around how you're bringing your skills to the table on the job. If you've felt unrecognized for your contributions or undervalued in any way, this could mark a boiling point in which you're simply not OK with any of that anymore and need to create a change. Thankfully, the same day, artistic Venus and go-getter Mars join forces in your partnership zone, so you'll have an easier time than usual leaning on your S.O., a dear friend, or a close colleague to work through your most challenging emotions. And once the confident sun moves through your adventure zone from February 18 to March 20, you'll be prepared to take a leap of faith to turn any less than satisfying situation at work around.


Two weeks into Aquarius season, during which the vitality-bringing sun, your ruler, moves through your partnership zone, you've likely been feeling your focus shift to your closest one-on-one bonds. But thanks to messenger Mercury kicking off its retrograde there and moving backward through your daily routine zone from January 25 to February 3, it's been a bit of a slow burn. You've been urged to tie up loose ends before you can fully step into the future, especially as far as your romantic and business relationships go. Thankfully, around February 1, the new moon hits this sector, offering up a renewed sense of optimism and shoring up your work ethic. Because the moon also forms a tense but activating square to rebellious Uranus in your career zone, you can't help but think about how shared aspirations affect your public image and long-term professional path — for better or worse. It's definitely a topic worthy of your consideration now. 

And don't be surprised if you feel very much pulled into your feelings around February 16 thanks to the annual full moon in your sign. Your sensitivity — but also your creativity and sense of romanticism — will likely soar, and because romantic Venus and action-oriented Mars will pair up in your daily routine zone on the same day, you could be fired up to pursue a new everyday wellness habit that benefits your heart and spirit. It'll, no doubt, be an emotional moment that has the potential to be satisfying and transformative. And as the confident sun shifts into your intimacy zone on February 18, where it remains until March 20, you'll be prepared to take an existing relationship to an even deeper — and potentially more emotionally and spiritually committed — place. 


For the past two weeks, Aquarius season has turned your attention toward your daily routine, an area of life that you're intimately familiar with, as it's the one your sign rules. But it hasn't exactly been all smooth sailing, unfortunately, thanks to your ruler, Mercury, moving backward through first, your wellness zone and then, your romance and self-expression zone. In short, your plate has been full of old business to wrap up before you can plow ahead creatively, in your love life, and in terms of getting organized and on track in the new year. But around February 1, a new moon activates your wellness zone while triggering Uranus in your adventure zone, creating a moment tailored-made for thrilling breakthroughs. Everything you've learned over the past three weeks could have you feeling truly prepared to switch up your approach to tackling your day-to-day work. And then messenger Mercury will go direct on February 3, making it easier to gain traction on your most artistic and romantically-fulfilling pursuits. 

Still, inner work is a major part of this month, because on February 16, the full moon falls in your spirituality zone, encouraging you to tune into your intuition, your dreams, and any helpful metaphysical practices to gain insight on personal growth and where you want to go from here. The same day, romantic Venus and gung-ho Mars pair up in your romance zone, which will be one of the steamiest aspects of the entire year for you, nudging you to voice your desires and trust that whatever you've been dreaming of is well-deserved. And as the sun moves through your partnership zone from February 18 to March 20, you'll show up in your one-on-one bonds more fully prepared to get on the same page. 


Last month might've been much slower going than you would have liked, as a result of your ruler, sweet Venus, moving backward for most of the month, and messenger Mercury retrograde as well, but around February 1, when the new moon lands in your self-expression and romance zone, you'll begin to see the glimmery light at the end of the tunnel. You can anticipate more clarity around a long-term love or creative goal — what your endgame looks like and the play-by-play for reaching it. And then, on February 3, Mercury will go direct in your home zone, and you can finally begin to create momentum on aspirations to improve your work-life balance. Your progress could be expedited by taking any lessons learned over the past three weeks into consideration. 

Friendships and collegial relationships could also prove to be a major focus, especially around February 16 when the full moon lights up your networking zone. You could be realizing that feeling like part of a team and working toward a common goal with others is more fulfilling than you've previously given it credit, and you're fired up to make it even more of a priority moving forward. The same day, sweet Venus, your ruler, pairs up with go-getter Mars in your home zone, boosting your motivation to tackle large-scale projects around the house or alongside loved ones. Two days later, on February 18, Pisces season kicks off and the confident sun will move through your daily routine zone until March 20, helping you be even more self-assured as you perfect your fitness regimen and day-to-day schedule. 


Aquarius season is all about family and your emotional well-being for you, Scorp, thanks to the confident sun moving through your home zone, but if your mind has been stuck in the past, retreading old wounds and even enjoying time-honored traditions with loved ones, you can thank Mercury's retrograde there for that. And since January 25, the planet of information-gathering has moved backward through your communication zone, creating slowdowns and possibly more than your fair share of confusion in day-to-day interactions. Basically, if you've felt off-track or stuck in reverse, you're not alone, and around February 1, the new moon in your home zone presents a sweet opportunity to look forward and lead with your heart as you do so. And a square to revolutionary Uranus in your partnership zone urges you to pair up with someone near and dear to hit your goals. Once messenger Mercury moves forward on February 3, you can expect a clearer runway. 

And around February 16, the full moon lands in your career zone, marking a culmination point in which you're sure to be recognized and noticed by higher-ups and colleagues. There's a fateful vibe around this lunar event that will make it possible for you to get the sense that you're either exactly where you need to be — or it's time to take a chance to get on track. The same day, go-getter Mars — one of your co-ruling planets — and sweet Venus pair up in your communication zone, inspiring you to speak your truth with a current or potential partner. Consider detailing a long-held desire or asking a heartfelt question that could redefine your relationship. Trust yourself — your intuition and your intellect are even more in sync than usual now. 


Aquarius season has you all wrapped up in idea generation and social events galore, thanks to the confident sun's move through your communication zone. But the first two weeks of this transit have likely been a bit confusing as a result of messenger Mercury's retrograde. Around February 1, the new moon allows you to pinpoint ideas you truly want to put the work in to see through to the finish line. But you'll still very much want to talk through your step-by-step action plan with friends or colleagues, and you'll find it far easier after the retrograde wraps on February 3. Because it ends in your money zone, you'll be able to figure out how to combine your most inventive ideas with bolstering your income. 

As ambitious as you may be feeling, the whole month isn't necessarily dedicated to getting ahead on the job. Around February 16, the full moon lights up your adventure zone, whipping up your desire to step out of any mundane routines and take a chance on a plan that's near and dear to your heart. You might want to book that vacation you've been batting around with a dear friend or your S.O. or start learning a new language. Then, from February 18 to March 20, the confident sun will be in your home zone, pulling your attention toward domestic affairs. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll be hunkering down on your couch til spring comes, but spending more time with loved ones could prove more emotionally gratifying and centering than usual. 

Since late last month, you've been refining your big-picture personal goals, thanks to the planet of communication, Mercury, moving backward through your sign. And around February 1, when the new moon hits your money zone, at least a sliver of what you've been reflecting on could be ready for prime time — especially if it relates to boosting your income. Aquarius season often has your eyes trained on your bank account — how you're bringing cash in, investing, and being valued — but with so many planets continuing to move through your sign this February, it may feel as though it's still Cap season in a way. With Mercury moving forward through your sign from February 3 until February 14, you can more readily present your boldest ideas and launch any revisions you've made to your personal brand over the course of the retrograde. 

Around February 16, the full moon activates your intimacy zone, stirring you to meditate on how comfortable you've been in your nearest and dearest bonds and what you could be doing differently to feel more seen and secure. If this feels heavy, it very well could be, but the mood might be lightened by the fact that Venus and Mars — the planet of love and the planet of sex — pair up in your sign that same day, bolstering your confidence in sharing exactly what's in your heart. The moment's all about acknowledging how you feel — and then being as direct, honest, and true to yourself as possible. That theme could hold as the virtuality-bringing sun moves through your communication zone from February 18 to March 20, inspiring you to own your voice and satiate your desire to learn.


For the last couple of weeks, it's possible you've been more reserved, more apt to put solo time ahead of socializing, and frequently meditating on deep-rooted emotions that have been bubbling to the surface. The reason: Mercury's been retrograde in your spirituality zone since January 25, and before that, in your sign since January 14. To say that it's been tough to create forward movement so far this year would be an understatement. But that's all about to change this month, Aquarius, and you'll get the sense that it's a new day right off the bat around February 1 when the new moon falls in your sign. Your annual lunar event offers up a blank slate on which you can write your wildest visions and aspirations, and it can fuel baby steps in a whole new, gratifying direction. Two days later, Mercury ends its retrograde, marking the point at which you could begin to come out of your cocoon. By February 14, it'll move back into your sign, and you'll be up for sharing everything you've been planning. 

Around February 16, the full moon activates your partnership zone, making this a fruitful moment for working to get even more in sync with your S.O., a dear friend, or a business partner. If you've been dealing with misunderstandings of any kind (which is probably fairly likely, given Mercury and Venus' retrogrades) or just want to check in on who's bringing what to the table, now's your chance to talk it through. While the vitality-bringing sun moves through your money zone from February 18 to March 20, you'll enjoy a surge of confidence related to boosting your income. You can trust that you have everything you need to turn your passions into a solid bottom line.


Aquarius season tends to be a sleepy time of year for you — and not just because you'd rather stay cozy inside while it's freezing and gloomy outside. The sun's trip through your spirituality zone can have you in your feelings and dreams more than usual, and this year's been exceptionally snoozy, thanks to two retrogrades activating that zone and your networking zone. You've been assessing your relationships and long-term wishes, and around February 1, the new moon could illuminate a very specific vision. You might only be planting seeds right now, but know that's still very much a crucial step — especially as we head toward your season. But first, Mercury ends its retrograde in your networking zone on February 3, which can help you push forward on group projects and connect with friends and colleagues who could prove tremendously supportive as you pursue your intention.

Around February 16, the full moon lights up your daily routine zone, which will strengthen your resolve to change up your everyday schedule in a way that feels more centering and in line with your big-picture goals. Maybe you'll make a point to get more sleep, track your steps, or just check those nagging to-dos off of your list once and for all — and to prevent them from piling up again moving forward. Any of these moves could boost your peace of mind, but be sure to go easy on yourself. You really are exactly where you need to be. Once your season kicks off on February 18 and the sun moves through your sign until March 20, you'll enjoy a surge of self-confidence that can be funneled into achieving any aim you set your heart and your mind to.  

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