Your Mars In Leo 2019 Sex Horoscope Is Red Hot Right Now

Each of the planets have completely different personalities, and in case of Mars, planet of assertion, energy, and sex, let’s just say, he’s the cosmos’ very own bachelor and celestial warrior. And you’ll see this reflected firsthand with your Mars in Leo 2019 sex horoscope, as the God of war will express itself according to the zodiac sign it’s traveling through.

Leos love being center of attention. I mean, can you even blame them? The sun is our biggest source of energy and this majestic light is something those born under the sign of the lion naturally emanate. Leo is a big kid at heart, as its archetype is a symbol of joy, passion, and love. When the planet of sex (Mars) travels through theatrical Leo, fireworks is an understatement. Sex with a Leo is nothing short of a cinematic experience, and sex during Mars in Leo is no different. So are you ready to tap into your inner lion and lioness?

Here’s what Mars in Leo has in store for your sex life, according to your sign:

Aries: You’re A Rockstar Lover

With go-getter Mars, your ruling planet, making a scene via your expressive fifth house of creativity, passion, and romance, there’s no doubt you’re about to light everyone’s fire.

Taurus: You’re Craving The Royal Treatment

Netflix and chill, Taurus? With assertive Mars igniting your domestic fourth house of home, you’ll be all about self care. The more comfortable the better. So make sure to tell your SO you’re in the mood to stay in.

Gemini: You’re Being Expressive With Your Desires

Ask and you shall receive, Gemini. With the red planet dazzling your chatty third house of communication, aka your house of rulership, your exchanges will be as dramatic as ever. Sexting will also be a must-have, but make sure to double check who’s sliding into your DMs.

Cancer: You’re A Sensual Siren

Beauty turns you on, Cancer, and with hot-headed Mars making a scene via your comfort-seeking second house of pleasure, you’ll have no trouble putting your charms on display. This is a time for you to indulge in sensual delights and be vocal with your desires.

Leo: Meow

Cat catch your tongue, Leo? With Mars igniting your sign, you’ll be as courageous and passionate as ever. So much so, you might even dress for the occasion.

Virgo: You’re Keeping It A Secret

You’re so glamorous, Virgo. And with Mars inspiring your fantasies via your secretive 12th house, you’re craving something out of this world, but a little more behind the scenes, if you catch my drift.

Libra: You Make Love Not War

No strings attached, right, Libra? With rambunctious Mars starting a revolution via your 11th house of groups, friendships, and extended network, you’re back to your rebellious ways and all about that free love.

Scorpio: Fifty Shades Of Mars

Take charge, Scorpio. With aggressive Mars is igniting your ambitious tenth house of career and authority, you’ll be feeling as bold as ever. Admit it, you’re a big fan of exploiting your sexuality, and with your co-ruler Mars sitting close to the sun, there’s no denying you’re good at it, too.

Sagittarius: Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Do you, Sagittarius. Mars is lighting the fire via your ninth house of rulership and aside from feeling totally restless, you’ll also be in the mood for new experiences. You’ve always been a fan of the unknown, and Mars will bring out your inner thrill seeker.

Capricorn: You’re Not Afraid Of The Dark

Looking for something more intimate, Capricorn? With Mars igniting your sexy eighth house of intimacy, death, and shared resources, the more taboo, the better. You’re not afraid of making the first move, and Mars will likely inspire your fetishes and fantasies.

Aquarius: You’ll Do Anything For Love

You’re an entertainer and you don’t even know it, Aquarius. With assertive Mars on the prowl via your seventh house of partnerships, you’ll be craving loads of attention from your SO, and you’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Pisces: You’re Creating Spreadsheets

Details, Pisces. With Mars going a bit overboard via your orderly sixth house of day-to-day routine, you’re doing everything in your power to create the ultimate experience. Hogging the spotlight is a no-brainer for you during this time, especially in the workplace, so make sure to show your co-workers who they’re really working with.

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