Your weekly tarot horoscope for December 25 to December 31

Mercury Retrograde starts this week (December 29) and lasts for a few weeks, so avoid trying to finalise any major commercial, business or travel plans, or having any make-or-break big talks.

The best thing you can do during this retrograde is to be careful, attentive and have a Plan B for anything major you’re doing.

Life obviously carries on, and you probably won’t even notice the retrograde is on… but, maybe make contingency plans for anything super important related to travel or business. Just in case!

Let the tarot give you the advice you need to sail through Mercury’s hissy fit and the Twixmas period.


March 21 to April 20

Tarot card for Aries for this week: Seven of Coins

Meaning: Anything you’re researching for the future (work, money, home, health) that yields a surprising and possibly negative answer… get a second opinion.

The Seven of Coins sees you working on making a change and looking at your options, sourcing information and taking in advice.

Should you hear something that puts you of, don’t let it. Make sure you ask again, look at another source, dig deeper.

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April 21 to May 21

Tarot card for Taurus for this week: The Chariot

Meaning: The Chariot relates strongly to travel, be that holidays, home moves, location changes, commuting, cars or vehicles.

So, anything relating to travel you’ve got going on right now, make sure you are checking the details, ensuring everything is shipshape, got insurance, and have a Plan B should it go a little awry.

Perhaps put a pause on selling a home or booking a big trip until the end of January.

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May 22 to June 21

Tarot card for Gemini for this week: Knight of Cups

Meaning: Don’t poke your nose in and say something controversial or tricky to your friendship group or other half. Bite your tongue!

I know it’s hard, I know you love to share what you know, but you may not fully appreciate the consequences of this piece of juicy gossip or intel.

Just keep it to yourself for a month, see what happens. I’m saying this to save you getting embroiled in unnecessary drama.

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June 22 to July 23

Tarot card for Cancer for this week: Four of Coins

Meaning: Stick to what you know right now, if you’re thinking of doing anything wildly risky or alternative.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything new, just nothing extremely radically risky or which relies on luck or chance to come off well. Play a cautious hand for the next week or so and skate through unscathed.

Don’t gamble, or make a claim you can’t back up, or say yes to something with really low odds of being successful. Stick to the tried and tested ways and means.

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July 24 to August 23

Tarot card for Leo for this week: Three of Coins

Meaning: You love making a good impression because you enjoy being admired and you have a lot to showcase about yourself. In fact, it could be said that sometimes you are mistaken as overconfident (dare I say arrogant) when actually you’re just trying to land that good impression.

Modesty and humbleness can also make a good impression. Remember that note of caution when you’re in front of someone with influence whom you’re trying to pitch or persuade.

Don’t go overboard, it might misfire. Be cautious and quietly confident. Don’t overblow that trumpet!

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August 24 to September 23

Tarot card for Virgo for this week: Justice

Meaning: If anything legal or contractual is underway right now then pay close attention and be ready to swoop in if anything goes missing, gets delayed, is mis-communicated, looks shaky.

Justice shows things will be alright in the end but there might be a wobbly spell that you can accelerate through with some extra effort and focus.

Don’t leave it to others to do alone, don’t rely on someone else to correct mistakes or meet the deadline. Be mindful and attentive to your affairs.

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September 24 to October 23

Tarot card for Libra for this week: Ten of Wands

Meaning: Less is more right now and is also the way through this retrograde.

Don’t overload yourself or take on too much. Don’t spread yourself so thinly that you can’t personally spin all of the plates you’ve got going on. Strip out unnecessary tasks or commitments.

Go back to basics. Do what really matters and do it well. Be present, be there, be focused. The Ten of Wands urges you to do less and savour each part all the more.

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October 24 to November 22

Tarot card for Scorpio for this week: Ten of Cups

Meaning: The Ten of Cups asks you not to get into any tricky, difficult, likely-to-be-a-row kinda’ conversations with your other half, closest friend or dearest family member.

If there’s something on your mind then use this few weeks to prepare how you might broach it and what kind of things you need to say and ask and demand.

Rehearse! But avoid doing it right now as a Mercury Retrograde can lead to crossed wires and miscommunication.

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November 23 to December 21

Tarot card for Sagittarius for this week: Page of Wands

Meaning: Be focused through this retrograde.

Don’t start off lots of new activities, ideas, ventures, investments, roles, relationships… keep it streamlined and aimed at the most important priorities and activities you really want to happen.

You get a bit of FOMO and end up saying yes to too many things, more often than not. The Page of Wands shows this could lead to a bit of chaos this retrograde, so avoid over-committing and getting in a muddle.

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December 22 to January 21

Tarot card for Capricorn for this week: Knight of Coins

Meaning: Be prudent and attentive to any commercial financial or business deals or agreements you’re working on over the next few weeks.

The Knight of Coins asks you to pay attention to the small print, the clauses you might miss, and the finer details. There is likely to be no problem at all but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a question, delay or challenge.

Better safe than sorry. Better to have something you never need than vice versa.

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January 22 to February 19

Tarot card for Aquarius for this week: Five of Cups

Meaning: This retrograde could stir up an old emotional echo about an event that is long in your rearview mirror.

In fact, there’s no need to fret or worry about this so I am saving you some time and energy by telling you to ignore it. The Five of Cups reveals it’s like an emotional burp, just a bit of passing air rather than a real, deep feeling you need to engage with.

Acknowledge the echo, be sad for a sec, then carry on being super cool.

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February 20 to March 20

Tarot card for Pisces for this week: Nine of Cups

Meaning: Don’t stop doing anything you were planning on doing but just make sure that the most important thing is double checked, has a Plan B for it should anything be delayed, and that you’re into the devil of the details.

What is your main event this next few weeks? The Nine of Cups hints that there is something powerful and wonderful coming up and you’re excited.

Make sure you are focused on it and watching it. It will happen, but there might be a tiny gremlin to overcome first.

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