Youve been using blue roll wrong – hospitality worker shows how its done

You have most probably been using blue roll wrong all this time – and one woman has shown just how it is done.

Now, you may be thinking ‘how is it possible to use a piece of coloured tissue incorrectly?’ Well if that is the case, then let us explain.

The blue roll is usually used in hospitality or establishments for cleaning up any pesky spillages.

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Commonly, the tissue is unravelled similar to how someone uses toilet paper – from around the edge.

But, apparently this is not the right technique.

Gone are the days of letting the blue roll having a mind of its own and unravelling itself as this hack helps to stop this from happening.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up thousands of views, a staff member from chef ordering app, Rekki, demonstrated just how the professionals put blue roll to use.

She declared: “You’re using blue roll all wrong.”

The staff member held onto a blue roll with the end dangling and threw it behind her as she noted this is the “wrong way".

She then picked up a fresh roll to show viewers how to perfect using the tissue.

Instead of simply unravelling the roll, the woman applied all of her strength to get the cardboard tube out from the middle.

As she attempted to squish the blue tissue against a table and use it for a press up, the woman loosened the stiff roll.

After her gruelling efforts, she simply removed the cardboard from the inside which pulled the paper from the middle instead of the outside.

“It’s the only way, fight me”, she declared.

And, it looks like she is going to have some brawls lined up as many disagreed with the blue roll technique.

One person commented: “It’s wasteful to use it that way.

“Without the structural integrity, the last half of the roll becomes a floppy mess and gets wasted.”

Another user added: “No, because it always collapses that way.”

While a third bashed: “Nah I'm using it perfectly fine, thanks.”

However, others agreed with the removal of the cardboard tube.

This person praised: “Great hack!”

A second noted: “When you work in hospitality/with food and knew immediately what was about to happen.”

Someone else shared: “An yeah, the most basic skill in hospitality.”


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