Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods' Friendship Is 'on the Road to Recovery'

Friends again? Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are repairing their relationship after the model’s cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson.

“Their relationship is on the road to recovery,” a source says exclusively in the current issue of Us Weekly

Woods, 21, hooked up with Khloé Kardashian’s then-boyfriend, Thompson, 28, and was almost immediately cut off by the beauty mogul, 21, with whom she’d been living. The Instagram star has since moved into her own place and “is so happy in her new house,” adds the source. “She wants a fresh start; she’s proud of herself.”

Ultimately, the former besties understand that their friendship will never be the same. The source explains, “Kylie knows the separation from Jordyn will help both of them — and Kylie’s family — to heal.”

In the meantime, the aspiring actress is focusing on her career after recently snagging a role on an upcoming episode of Freeform’s Grown-ish. “Jordyn has been trying to show the world that she isn’t riding on the Jenner-Kardashian coattails any longer,” another insider explains to Us, “and that she’s doing her own thing and living her life comfortably.”

For more on Kylie and Jordyn’s relationship, watch the video above and pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now!

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Holiday WARNING: Tourist warns of island paradise HORROR after terrifying attacks

Cora Smith, 27, travelled to the Dominican Republic in March 2018 with her husband, Jay, 32. On just the second day in the capital of Santo Domingo a man tried to kidnap her while she was out for a run on a busy main road. Just weeks later, having arrived in the popular tourist destination of Punta Cana, the young American was sexually assaulted while cycling just 20 metres behind her husband.

She describes the Dominican Republic as a “really dangerous place”, likening all-inclusive resorts to “military bases” due to the sheer numbers of armed guards stationed outside the entrances.

She said she was too scared to leave her husband’s side throughout their three month stay in the country.

Upon arriving in the Dominican Republic, a woman frantically ran up to Mrs Smith, an Instagram travel influencer, and urged her to take off her wedding ring.

Mrs Smith told “The woman came up to me and grabbed my hand, shouting at me to take my ring off.

“I thought she was crazy and told her I wouldn’t take my wedding ring off for anybody.”

The local then warned the American, from Orlando, Florida: “They will not ask you for it, they are going to cut your finger off and take the ring.”

Mrs Smith was pretty shaken from the woman’s warning but the next day she decided to go for a run along a busy six-lane main road in Santo Domingo while her husband napped.

She said: “I figured I would be pretty safe, I’m in broad daylight on a very busy road.

“But as I was running, a car started honking his horn and slows down right beside me.

“The driver starts signalling to me to get into his car.

“I ignore him and kept running, but he keeps getting angrier and angrier.”

She explained the man then sped off, but stopped abruptly 100 metres in front of her, forcing the cars behind him to swerve.

She said: “He then gets out of his car, opens the passenger side door and starts walking really briskly towards me – as if he was going to grab me and drag me into his car.”

Realising the danger, Mrs Smith stopped dead in her tracks, turned around and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction.

After the incident, the travel blogger was terrified of going anywhere alone, she said: “I wouldn’t even go out the front door by myself.”

Continuing their travels, the couple then travelled to the tourist zone of Punta Cana, where Mrs Smith felt equally unsafe, partly due to the sheer number of armed guards.

They grabbed onto my bicycle so I had no control of the bike and grabbed all over my chest, behind and private areas and laughed hysterically as they were doing it.

Cora Smith

She said: “You see armed security guards everywhere, all-inclusive hotels were like a military base.”

The couple took frequent cycle rides, and one afternoon Mrs Smith was sexually assaulted while they were travelling down a main road, just outside the airport.

She said: “My husband was maybe 20 metres in front of me, not very far when two Dominican men on scooters ride up next to me and begin to stare at me like I’m a delicious treat.

“They grabbed onto my bicycle so I had no control of the bike and grabbed all over my chest, behind and private areas and laughed hysterically as they were doing it.

“My husband couldn’t hear my screams because of the noise from the road.”

Mrs Smith said she felt completely humiliated and dehumanised by the attack, and said: “You start to feel like you’re a piece of property.”

But Mrs Smith wasn’t the only target, with police attempting to rob her husband not long after the cycling incident.

He said: “I was alone on the beach when two police officers interrogated and searched me.

“They asked for the money in my wallet and when I refused they threatened to take me to jail.

“After I refused they ended up leaving, but I felt for sure I was going to jail.”

The couple have travelled all over the world, including the South America, Bali and Thailand, but said the Dominican Republic was “by far the most dangerous place”.

They said “nowhere compared to the Dominican Republican” and want to warn tourists that the country is “not a safe place”.

Mrs Smith said: “The Dominican Republic is not somewhere you want to go.

“People are flocking there on holidays and they are not safe.”

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Nurse jailed for murdering 85 patients – but he may have killed as many as 300

Germany's worst peacetime killer has been given a life sentence for murdering 85 patients while he was working as a nurse at two hospitals.

Niels Hogel, one of the most prolific serial killers in the world, injected drugs into patients to induce cardiac arrest, and then played the hero by appearing to struggle to revive them because he loved the attention it brought, prosecutors said.

The 42-year-old was originally accused of murdering 100 patients, and was already serving a life sentence for two killings when he was jailed for a further 85 on Thursday.

German officials believe Hogel – dubbed "Resuscitation Rambo" by his colleagues – may have killed as many as 300 patients.

Hogel carried out the shocking and “incomprehensible" crimes at two hospitals in northern Germany – in Oldenberg and Delmenhorst – between 2000 and 2005.

The serial killer was given another life sentence a day after he addressed his victims' relatives and friends in court in Oldenburg. 

He told the court: "I would like to sincerely apologise to every single individual for all that I have subjected them to over the years."

Hogel is said to have chosen his victims, aged between 34 and 96.

Some were in bad health while others were on the mend at medical centres in in Lower Saxony, Deutsche Welle reported.

As he was jailed on Thursday, a judge called the killings “incomprehensible".

A former colleague told the German newspaper Bild that Hogel "always pushed everyone else aside" when resuscitating patients.

Colleagues called him "Resuscitation Rambo".

The killing spree came to an end in June 2005 when fellow nurses caught Hogel manipulating a patient's syringe driver.

But some of his victims had already been cremated.

Under German law he could be released after 15 years, though in extreme cases, a life sentence is often enforced in full.

He was given his first life sentence in 2015 for murdering two patients and attempting to murder others.

As he was given another life sentence on Thursday, Judge Sebastian Buehrmann told him: "Your crimes are impossible to grasp.

"The human mind struggles to take in the sheer scale of these crimes."

Hogel had been charged with committing 100 murders between 2000 and 2005.

He admitted 43 of them and denied the rest.

He was acquitted of 15 of the charges, a court spokeswoman said.

The court banned him from practicing nursing for life.

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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk are ‘on the rocks,’ it has nothing to do with Lady Gaga

Earlier this week, Page Six reported that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are hanging on by a thread and that they’ll probably break up soon. Sources claimed that they’re trying to make it work for their daughter’s sake, but things just aren’t that great. Which is sad, truly, because their daughter Lea is only two years old. As I said in that post, I’ve become something of an Irina fan and if and when they split, I’m going to be Team Shayk. Well, Us Weekly has a new story which is basically a repeat of Page Six’s exclusive, but here you go:

Trouble in paradise. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship is on the rocks, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively.

“They haven’t been getting along for a while,” the source says. “They aren’t calling it quits yet, but they are not in a great place.”

Cooper, 44, and Shayk, 33, were first linked in April 2015. The duo welcomed their now 2-year-old daughter, Lea, in March 2017. Reports first surfaced that the twosome were on the outs after Cooper’s chemistry with his A Star Is Born costar Lady Gaga continued to make headlines earlier this year. However, the source tells Us that Cooper and Shayk’s relationship struggles have “nothing to do with Gaga.” A second insider adds that “nothing romantic” happened between Cooper and Gaga when they played onscreen couple Jackson and Ally in the Oscar-nominated film.

[From Us Weekly]

Again, leave Gaga out of it! Lady Gaga had nothing to do with anything involving Irina and Bradley! I don’t even think B-Coop and Gaga got along that well during the filming or the promotion of A Star Is Born. And truly, they didn’t have much on-screen chemistry either. As for Irina and Bradley… I kind of wonder about why these stories are picking up so much at the moment. While Irina and Bradley didn’t go Full Affleck-Garner for his Oscar campaign, they did put on a big show of togetherness during his Oscar campaign, and there really wasn’t a hint of this five months ago. Once the Oscars came and went, did their relationship just fall apart?

Photos courtesy of WENN and Backgrid.

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Even Grandpa Is on the Apps Now

On a long car ride, I caught my father-in-law using a gay dating app. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was sitting diagonally behind him in the car. My husband was driving, and my mother-in-law was in the front passenger seat. My elementary-school-aged kids were also in the vehicle. He was having conversations with various men and typing inappropriate messages to them. I am very upset about this. I don’t care what he does in private, but he should never engage in this behavior in front of my family. I have no idea if his wife is aware. Should I confront him?


“From infancy on, we are all spies,” John Updike wrote in “Bech: A Book.” (So, I don’t blame you for leaning forward to hawk-eye your father-in-law’s smartphone on a long road trip.) “The shame is not this,” Updike continued, “but that the secrets to be discovered are so paltry and few.” Maybe that’s why your response seems so overdramatic.

Children grow up in and around all kinds of adult activity — including sexy banter on dating apps. As a parent, you can try to shield yours from as much of this as possible. I’m not clear from your question, though, whether your father-in-law’s transgression was being on a dating app, using a gay app or typing “inappropriate” (presumably, sexual) messages. Perhaps all of the above?

I also assume your children didn’t actually see any of this, or you would have mentioned it. No need to confront your father-in-law, but feel free to have a low-key talk with him: “Please stay off dating apps when you’re around the kids, O.K.?” (Even if he denies the whole thing, your point will be taken.) Then let this go. There are all kinds of marriages, and your in-laws didn’t ask for an opinion about theirs.

Such Sweet Sorrow

When my friends and I moved in together, we talked about getting an ice cream maker as our first joint purchase. Instead, they bought one for me as a birthday gift. Now, two years later, I am moving into my own place, which is much smaller, and I’d rather not bring an appliance I’ve used a total of three times. I’d also hate to hurt their feelings. Is there a tactful way to ask if they’d like to keep it?


There is an ancient tradition, Jeremy, stretching all the way back to my youth, of donating unwanted goods to survivors in shared apartments like yours (e.g., the giant coffee table, the tiny bed). Still, you raise a wrinkle that I respect: not wanting to seem ungrateful for a kind gift. Ask your roommates: “As a symbol of my esteem, may I offer you my much loved, but little used, ice cream maker?” They will probably agree. While you’re at it, ask if they’ll take my bread maker, too.

What About Me Time?

My dearest friend of 40 years is the kindest, most hospitable person I know. She frequently hosts houseguests. But some people take fierce advantage of her. Two demanding guests stayed for eight days while she battled walking pneumonia. Now, she is opening her home to an unemployed friend and her young child, rent-free, for as long as needed. We talk about everything, but I’ve never voiced my opinion on her boundary-setting challenges. May I?


I applaud your protectiveness of your pal — less so your judgment. It would be fine to say: “I worry about these houseguests tiring you out. Are you O.K.?” (Or even: “I could never have so many guests. How do you manage it?”) Then hear her out. She may love the company or not know how to avoid it.

But steer clear of pronouncements on what she should be doing. That’s not your call. If you listen closely, I suspect you will hear something that generous people seem to know intuitively: If you want to get more out of relationships, give more.

This Weekend?

I see an old friend from high school a few times a year. It’s nice. We pick up right where we left off. But she has this annoying habit of saying, “Let’s get together this weekend” when we bump into each other, then not replying to my texts about meeting. I wait months before she gets in touch again to set the time and place. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Any suggestions?


Well, you could always tell her that her vanishing act bothers you. Or just synthesize the data you already have: Your pal has a seeming verbal tic of suggesting immediate plans every time she sees you. She may mean it when she proposes them, but she rarely honors her invitations. Then she feels awkward and ghosts you when you text for specifics.

Next time, reply: “Terrific! Let me know what works for you?” Then forget about it and rest assured that she will get in touch eventually. Follow through is not her strong suit. Why try to remake a person you only see a few times a year? Expect less and enjoy her more when you do.

For help with your awkward situation, send a question to [email protected], to Philip Galanes on Facebook or @SocialQPhilip on Twitter.

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Kelly Brook wears wedding dress in surprise Midsomer Murders cameo

Kelly Brook is walking down the aisle, but not in the way many might assume.

The former glamour model revealed her cameo role in ITV's long-running murder mystery series Midsomer Murders.

Kelly, who is dating Jeremy Parisi, donned a wedding dress for the role in practise for the real deal.

The radio host shared two stills from the episode on her Instagram account, revealing her episode will air 'soon'.

Best known as a model and television presenter, Kelly has dipped her toes into the acting world including roles in Pirahna 3D, Smallville, Agatha Christie's Marple, Skins, and US TV series One Big Happy.

Kelly shared the post writing: "Here Comes the Bride!! What a Hoot!!! Making a Cameo in one of my Favourite Shows!!"

Many of her followers were thrilled to hear the news rushing to her comments to congratulate her and tell her how excited they were to see her Midsomer Murders debut.

The 39-year-old has been keeping busy as a radio host on Heart FM's breakfast show and recently shared an epic throwback from one of her first presenting gigs on the original Love Island.

Kelly reminded fans with a whole bunch of throwback pictures.

Looking back on the celebrity version of the show – which Kelly hosted alongside Patrick Kielty in 2005 – the model shared a collage of pictures of herself speaking to the camera, and reminisced on where it all started.

"Baby Brookie back in 2005 as Host of the First Series of Celebrity Love Island on @itv…," she wrote.

"It's so great to see how its evolved over the years and can't wait to watch tonight @itv @loveisland."

In the pictures, a young Kelly looked stunning as she sported an array of summery ensembles and let her brunette locks bounce above her chest in a curly blowdry.

While hosting the original show, Kelly and Patrick saw the likes of Calum Best, Paul Danan and Rebecca Loos join the island to meet their match.

Do you have a story to sell? Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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Templegate's racing tips: Haydock, Ripon, Hamilton, Chelmsford and Ffos Las – Templegate's betting preview for racing on Thursday, June 6

MAGICAL SPIRIT (4.20 Ripon, nap) can conjure up a nice win at Ripon.

Kevin Ryan’s hope ran a cracker on his first turf start of the season when second at Redcar last time out.

He sees out this distance well and has won on soft ground, which can’t be said about many of today’s rivals.

BAISER INTERDIT (7.15 Ffos Las, nb) had the form of his UK debut win at Sedgefield franked by the second scoring yesterday.

It was a convincing success and there should be a lot more to come.

MAKYON (2.00 Hamilton, treble) was a good second on debut at York last time and wouldn’t have to improve much to go one better.

Templegate's treble

NAP 4.20 Ripon – Magical Spirit: 'Will go well on the ground while his rivals won't' (Latest odds)

NEXT BEST 7.15 Ffos Las – Baiser Interdit: 'Form is standing up well' (Latest odds)

TREBLE 2.00 Hamilton – Makyon: 'Won't have to improve much to win' (Latest odds)



2.10 Highwaygrey

2.40 Walk In Marrakesh

3.10 Partridge

3.40 Valentino Sunrise

4.10 Jabbarockie

4.40 Enough Already

5.10 Punkawallah


2.20 Praxeology

2.50 Itchingham Lofte

3.20 Aiya

3.50 Universal Gleam

4.20 Magical Spirit (NAP)

4.50 Maamora

5.20 Pearl Noir


2.00 Makyon (treble)

2.30 I Could Do Better

3.00 Auxiliary

3.30 Sands Of Mali

4.00 Ocala

4.30 Zig Zag Zyggy

5.00 Wrenthorpe


5.25 Nat Love

6.00 Steelriver

6.30 Gentle Look

7.05 Agincourt

7.35 Dame Malliot

8.05 Tahreek

8.40 Croeso Cymraeg


5.35 Butlergrove King

6.10 Broughtons Rhythm

6.40 Cesar Et Rosalie

7.15 Baiser Interdit (nb)

7.45 Mead Vale

8.15 Alltimegold

8.50 Codeshare

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Stacey Solomon appears to accidentally reveal name of new baby son with Joe Swash

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon welcomed her beautiful baby son (a little early) with Joe Swash over two weeks ago now, but the popular couple still haven’t revealed the name of their newborn.

Their fans have been patiently waiting for weeks, but as of yet there’s been no official announcement.

However, some eagle-eyed followers appear to have picked up on a MASSIVE hint at the baby’s name.


In a recent Instagram stories, Stacey appeared to make reference to the name of her new bubba – calling him ‘Rexi’.

View this post on Instagram

Today is a smiley day 😬 it’s been an interesting week. But it feels like the fog is lifting and I’m coming out of the fuzz. I’m so grateful to have our baby boy with us and be surrounded by my incredible family – my biggest privilege. But it doesn’t mean it’s been all rosey and glossy. Hormone surges + really struggling to breastfeed + no sleep what so ever + engorged boobs + cracked nipples + absolutely anything as minuscule as somebody kissing my babies head = total meltdown. I’ve found myself spontaneously uncontrollably sobbing into my mums arms, at least twice every day. Then I feel guilty that I’m not “enjoying every second” like everyone tells you too because it passes by so quickly (and it does, my eldest is 11 and I feel like I just blinked and that happened). But sometimes I’m just not in control of my emotions, and I can’t feel guilty about having sad points it’s counter productive. I’m really feeling happy today which is amazing, but I’m ready to accept any sobbing or sadness that sneaks up on me at any point. If it doesn’t hallelujah, but if it does I’m no less of a mother for feeling that way. And to anyone else feeling or who has felt that way, don’t ever let those feelings make you feel that you weren’t good enough, you were and you are. Its ok not to be ok. Also I want to say thank you to the amazing NHS services that we have received over the last 7 days… Queens Hospital Romford, all of the nurses, midwives and paediatricians. Our community midwives, and the breastfeeding specialist who literally MILKED me for hours trying to bring my milk down from under my chest and armpits, and the Perinatal Parent Infant Mental Health Services in our area who have been so attentive and always there if we need them. 💙 Thinking of all of those who don’t have a support system around them. If you need someone to talk to there are people out there… please don’t hesitate to reach out. @pandas_uk @mindcharity 💙

A post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon) on

In a telling move the story was actually promptly deleted off her social media – but not before her fans picked up on it!

Some of them have now flocked to comment on Joe Swash’s Instagram, to share their suspicious.

Writing on a picture of Joe and his baby boy, one fan wrote: ‘So your babies name is Rex? If I love it.’

Another Stacey and Joe fan commented: ‘Is he called Rex?’, as a third said: ‘Rexi’ when one follower asked: ‘Beautiful baby what’s his name 🙂’.

View this post on Instagram

Good morning World xx

A post shared by Joe Swash (@realjoeswashy) on

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As the parents adjust to the new member of their family, Stacey has been wonderfully open and honest about how she’s finding welcoming another new baby. She is already mum to seven-year-old Leighton and 11-year-old Zachary.

Yesterday, she posted a candid picture of herself breastfeeding her youngest son, admitting in the caption that it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

MORE: Stacey Solomon shares ADORABLE pictures of her sons meeting their new baby brother

Stacey confessed: ‘I didn’t breastfeed Leighton and I don’t remember 11 years ago with Zach so it came as a bit of a shock to me when my feeding experience wasn’t blissful breast time and expressing pints of milk in between!

‘After not mastering the latch that leaving my boobs engorged and my nipples feeling like they’d been rubbed on sandpaper I think we are finally getting there.

‘I’ve been milked by just about every health visitor and breastfeeding specialist around (for which I am eternally grateful) and my baby can finally get his tiny mouth around, what Zach and Leighton call, my Pepperami nipples!

View this post on Instagram

Trying to smile 😂 This is my face every time he latches on 😂 I didn’t breastfeed Leighton and I don’t remember 11 years ago with Zach so it came as a bit of a shock to me when my feeding experience wasn’t blissful breast time and expressing pints of milk in between! After not mastering the latch that leaving my boobs engorged and my nipples feeling like they’d been rubbed on sandpaper I think we are finally getting there. I’ve been milked by just about every health visitor and breastfeeding specialist around (for which I am eternally grateful) and my baby can finally get his tiny mouth around, what Zach and Leighton call, my Pepperami nipples! We still haven’t mastered it yet and we might never master it – that’s ok too. I just thought for anyone out there struggling or who struggled to breastfeed that it’s perfectly OK, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re doing amazingly. All things I’ve struggled to believe at times. It’s so wonderful to see people’s happy breastfeeding pictures and amazing expressing photos – I love them, but from somebody who is lucky to express 10ml if not dust when I put a pump on I would have loved to see some different experiences too. Here’s to making it work no matter what way round you do it! Breast or bottle, Mammas, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! 💪🏼

A post shared by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon) on

‘We still haven’t mastered it yet and we might never master it – that’s ok too. I just thought for anyone out there struggling or who struggled to breastfeed that it’s perfectly OK, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re doing amazingly.’

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Indiana man allegedly orders ride-share as getaway car after shooting: police

Fox News Flash top headlines for June 6

Fox News Flash top headlines for June 6 are here. Check out what’s clicking on

An Indiana man who allegedly fired several shots into a mobile home called a ride-share vehicle to pick him up and serve as his getaway car, police said.

Issa Amer Ishtawi, 20, was arrested Tuesday in connection with a shooting in Portage, a city roughly 40 miles southeast of Chicago.

Issa Amer Ishtawi, 20, allegedly ordered a ride-share to use as his getaway vehicle after a shooting in Portage, Ind., police said.
(Portage Police Department)

Ishtawi allegedly broke into the home and fired a weapon, before firing several more shots outside the home, striking one man in the foot, police wrote on Facebook.

The 20-year-old left the scene on foot, but a short time later, ordered a car — either a Lyft or an Uber — to help him flee.

Eventually, police spotted the suspect in the vehicle and stopped the car, taking Ishtawi into custody. Investigators said the ride-share driver "was very cooperative and shook up by the entire incident."

Ishtawi has been charged with several felonies, including aggravated battery with a handgun, battery, intimidation, criminal recklessness with a handgun, having a pistol with no permit and possession of marijuana.

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The World’s Most Dominant Team Isn’t Who You Think

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For the select few privileged enough to hear it, the pitch is irresistible. Whenever Olympique Lyonnais Féminin identifies someone it believes can burnish its already glittering roster, its offer is simple: Would you like to be part of the best group of players anyone, anywhere, can put together?

More often than not, a sales pitch is unnecessary. Usually, simply being chosen is compliment enough; such is Lyon’s reputation, its imprimatur of excellence, that the invitation is automatically accepted.

“The first time I played against them, I remember thinking this was next level,” said Lucy Bronze, the England defender who joined Lyon in 2017. “The big stadium, the huge crowd, the superstar players. We barely touched the ball.”

After the game, Lyon’s president, Jean-Michel Aulas, sought out Bronze. He complimented her performance, her abilities. A few weeks later, that crystallized into an offer. Bronze did not need to be persuaded: Seeing the players, the environment, the standard up close had been all she needed. “Some people might,” she said, “but as far as I was concerned, you do not say no to Lyon.”

It is almost impossible to overstate the scale of Lyon’s primacy in women’s soccer. Pointing out that it has won the French national title for 13 years straight almost feels like underselling it. Better, perhaps, to mention that it has lost only two league games over the last nine seasons. Its goal difference over that period is a scarcely credible plus-957.

If not for the club’s fearsome record in Europe, perhaps that could be dismissed as the record of a flat-track bully, a sign not of Lyon’s strength but its opposition’s weakness. But Lyon has made eight of the past 10 Champions League finals, and won the last three. Should Manager Reynald Pedros’s team overcome Barcelona in this year’s game in Budapest on Saturday, it would be the club’s sixth European crown. The first came only in 2011.

Such is its dominance that it is hard to think of a club team, anywhere in the world, whose résumé can compete. Aulas has compared Lyon to Real Madrid and Barcelona in the men’s game, but the parallel sells his team short. Barcelona has won eight of the past 11 Spanish championships, but it has not won the Champions League since 2015. Real Madrid sat atop Europe for three years in a row, but its domestic form suffered for it. Lyon has done better than both, simultaneously.

The Golden State Warriors could yet win a third straight N.B.A. championship this year, a fourth in five years; the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl three years out of five. Both are described as dynasties. Neither, though, comes close to Lyon.

For many in women’s soccer, the reference point in United States sports is something else entirely: both Emma Hayes, the coach of Chelsea, the team Lyon narrowly beat in this year’s Champions League semifinals, and Phil Neville, the England national team coach, call Lyon the Harlem Globetrotters. This is a club that does not lose. It is the most dominant — and possibly the best — sports team on the planet.

Much of that, of course, is down to the quality of player at its disposal, to Aulas’s determination since he launched the women’s team in 2004 to acquire the sport’s brightest stars. The squad, now, contains not only Ada Hegerberg, the inaugural winner of the women’s Ballon d’Or as the world’s best player, but the backbone of France’s team for this year’s World Cup, Dzsenifer Marozsán, the captain of Germany, and Saki Kumagai, the captain of Japan. Its list of alumnae is, if anything, even more impressive: Camille Abily, Louisa Nécib, Hope Solo, Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan.

It has created a virtuous circle: Players want to join not just because it is acknowledgment of their status, but because they know that training at — never mind playing for — Lyon offers a fast track to self-improvement.

“Alex went to France to grow as a footballer and challenge herself every day,” said Dan Levy, Morgan’s agent. “She did that by playing with many of the best players in the world each day. Winning championships was wonderful, the training facilities were first class, but the secret of their success is that — by accumulating so many amazing players — they have created the perfect training environment.”

But just as significant is the club’s culture. Bronze confesses to being a little “star-struck” on her first day, walking into a dressing room populated by so many famous faces — “people I knew straightaway just by their surnames” — but soon found there was no concrete hierarchy to be navigated, no deference expected. “They all came over to introduce themselves,” she said. “They are the most humble group of people I have ever met.”

The club, though, does not treat them like that. When Lyon’s players departed for Budapest on Friday morning, they were driven to the airport and straight onto the tarmac, where they boarded a chartered jet. A second plane had been commissioned to carry family members and partners to the match. When they landed, the Lyon team bus — which set off, overland, earlier this week — was there to meet them.

Such treatment is standard at the most rarefied levels of the men’s game, but it remains rare — if not unique — in the women’s, even as the amount of money invested in it across Europe has increased exponentially in recent years.

At Lyon, though, it is different. Aulas has not only made a financial commitment to the women’s team — Lyon pays considerably better than most clubs, with the majority of its stars on six-figure salaries, and Hegerberg thought to be earning around $470,000 a year — but a philosophical one. An edict at the club runs that the men’s and women’s teams were to be treated exactly the same. Both had Lyon’s crest on their jerseys; both represented Lyon. There was to be no differentiation.

And so not only do the players mix at the training ground they share, but Lyon’s female players have access to all of the same facilities the men would expect: the fields, the medical staff, the liaison officers, access to the “mental cell,” designed to help players with the psychological pressures of performing, all the way from the academy to the senior teams. As Hegerberg has put it, Lyon “put the women in the spot we deserve.”

Aulas attends as many women’s games as men’s matches; he is just as likely to treat the women’s team to a celebratory trip to St. Tropez as he is the men’s. Bronze, for one, said that she feels she can go to Aulas with “any problem, no matter how small,” and have it attended to, just as any male player would expect.

The only difference of note is in the approach to recruitment. Though Aulas has not always taken the most traditional route to enticing signings — his very public pursuit of Morgan has, thankfully, not been repeated — he has adapted his vision for soccer’s skewed economics. Where the men’s team is based on prospects, both homegrown and acquired, he has invested enough to allow the women to become the Globetrotters.

The logic is simple. “What gives boys a high level gives girls a high level,” Aulas has said: male players need to be treated well in order to perform at their best, so why would it be any different for women?

And yet that principle remains strangely elusive elsewhere. “Lyon is not perfect, but it has got a lot right that other clubs haven’t,” Bronze said. “The boys and girls grow up together in the academy, so the players are much more integrated. The success of one team isn’t seen as a threat to the other. I’ve not seen that elsewhere. Generally, the men tend to be seen as the superstars and the women are not held to that standard.”

That is not an option at Lyon; if anything, the reverse is true. The men are underdogs, overshadowed by the wealth of Paris St.-Germain and the rest of Europe’s elite. The women, in contrast, are the Globetrotters, a force of unparalleled dominance, a dynasty spanning more than a decade, perhaps the best team on the planet. Nobody, ultimately, can say no to Lyon.

Rory Smith is the chief soccer correspondent, based in Manchester, England. He covers all aspects of European soccer and has reported from three World Cups, the Olympics, and numerous European tournaments. @RorySmith

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