2020 ESPYS — Vote for your favorite Can’t-Stop-Watching Moment

Now’s your chance to play director of the 2020 ESPYS Presented by Capital One. Do you want to cast Simone Biles, Anthony Edwards, Dearica Hamby or a backyard magician in the starring role? You get to decide by voting for the winner of the year’s Can’t-Stop-Watching Moment.

Today we introduce our bracket of 16 contenders. Watch the videos and then place your votes. On Sunday, the field will be whittled down to eight. Starting Tuesday, only four will remain.

Tune in to the ESPYS on June 21 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN to find out the winner, which will be decided by your vote. Ready … action!

No. 1 Simone Biles vs. No. 16 Baby bat flip

No. 2 Mabry Williams vs. No. 15 Kiara the volley dog

No. 3 Anthony Edwards vs. No. 14 Sergi Llongueras

No. 4 Dearica Hamby vs. No. 13 Austin Keen

No. 5 Riley Sartain-Vaughan vs. No. 12 Spence Jones

No. 6 Speedy skater vs. No. 11 Obed Lekhehle

No. 7 Garret Alcaraz vs. No. 10 Newtown’s dramatic TD

No. 8 Thomas ‘Snacks’ Lee vs. No. 9 Tommy Morrissey

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