Ali Krieger wanted world to know the USWNT had Megan Rapinoe’s back

PARIS — Everyone should have a friend like Ali Krieger.  

After President Donald Trump made Megan Rapinoe the target of his latest Twitter rage storm, Krieger fired off a fiery tweet of her own saying “I know women who you cannot grope or control anger you,”

Krieger said she supported Rapinoe and would not be going to the White House, either, if the U.S. women win the World Cup.

“I thought it was really important for me to not make her feel like she has to process this all alone. A lot of us have similar feelings,” the veteran defender said Friday night, after the U.S. beat France 2-1 – with Rapinoe scoring both goals.

“I thought it was important to show support, and I don’t want to stay quiet.”

Trump had taken issue with a months-old video of Rapinoe saying she wouldn’t go to the White House, as well as her even older stance on the national anthem. With the story making headlines on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and the game against France looming, it had the potential to become a distraction for a team that has talked frequently of maintaining a bubble.

But coach Jill Ellis backed Rapinoe and said the rest of the team did, too. Rapinoe also said that her views were already well-known to her teammates, some of whom have expressed similar feelings.

And several U.S. players – past and present – expressed their support for her on social media, though none quite as, uh, colorfully as Krieger.

“It doesn’t take lot of mindspace to tweet something like that, that’s really important, and then refocus and turn it off,” Krieger said. “Women can multitask. Imagine that, that we can do two things at once.

“To come out with this response – for her to just take the team on her back and prove why she’s one of the best players in the world, and also just a great representation of what our country is all about with togetherness and fight and having that mentality of winning … I’m grateful to be one of her friends.”

And the whole world knows it.

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