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ANDY MURRAY vs Thanasi Kokkinakis has gone into a stunning fifth set, and it is after 3am in Melbourne!

The British icon had to dig deep last time out against Italian star Matteo Berrettini.

And Murray has had to do the same this afternoon in Melbourne.

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  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 6-3 1-2 Kokkinakis

    This time it's Murray's turn to put a return long that would be bread and butter stuff were it not four hours and 50 minutes into this match at 3.11am.

    Then a punishing rally sees the Brit trying his best to scamper after ball after ball but eventually Kokkinakis puts away the bounce smash. That one hurt.

    An ace is just what Thanasi wanted and he gets it, his 30th of the match, and a drive volley secures a love hold.

    An extra lift for the local.

    How much has Murray got in the tank?

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 7-6 6-3 1-1 Kokkinakis*

    A late charge into the net doesn't quite come off for a weary-looking Murray who nets the volley.

    Some aching legs and frazzled brains out there right now as Kokkinakis puts a backhand long.

    He goes for broke at 40-15 and that one drifts wide.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 6-3 0-1 Kokkinakis

    Murray makes a valid and passionate argument at the sit-down because he wants to go to the toilet but is not allowed because he has taken his allocated breaks.

    He calls it a "f***ing joke" and "disrespectful" to the players, umpires, ball kids and everyone.

    And I must say, he has a point.

    Back on the court, Kokkinakis comes through a routine hold – helped by Murray slicing a backhand wide and sarcastically calling it a "great shot" then threatens to smash his racket.

  • Joshua Jones


    Murray 4-6 6-7 7-6 6-3 Kokkinakis*

    A needless forehand long is not the way Murray wanted to start this game, giving away a free point and an extra slight spring in his opponent's step.

    But the Aussie wastes a return off a 77mph second serve – that was a chance.

    Instead, Murray bangs down an ace but is pegged back to 30-30 by more tasty angles by Kokkinakis.

    Murray slumps a tired backhand into the net to offer up break point but saves it with a gutsy rally finished off with a backhand winner.

    However, he is far from safe and the Kokk earns another break point with a huge forehand into the corner as Murray nets…

    Saved – big serve, big forehand, tired slice backhand long.

    Kokkinakis thinks he has belted a forehand return winner but the automatic Hawk-Eye call of "out" comes – and the replay proves it was fractionally wide.

    Set point Murray…


    Kokkinakis gambles to go out wide and Murray goes down the T.


  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 5-3 Kokkinakis

    Yes, yes, yes Andy Murray – lovely stuff at the net.

    It is followed by another ace but a loose backhand wide gets the Brit to 15-30.

    Kokkinakis gets himself out of that hole, though.

    His 27th ace of the match means Murray will serve to take this into a decider…

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 7-6 5-2 Kokkinakis*

    That booming forehand is back from Kokkinakis and he must keep being aggressive if he is going to stop this Murray comeback.

    The home crowd know it and are all over their man – but there are a smattering of boos when Kokkinakis appears to ask for a time violation from the umpire for his opponent. Not cool.

    Murray's response is a perfect wide serve and forehand into the opposite corner – no chance for Kokkinakis, and no chance on the following forehand into that same corner.

    Oh what a pick-up from Sir Andy, who somehow digs it out.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 4-2 Kokkinakis


    More defence from Murray, more attacking from Kokkinakis – what a match this is.

    The Aussie nails a smash – I haven't written that for a while – but Murray gets his revenge by following in his drop shot and putting it away for 30-30.

    And a wild forehand goes well wide from Kokkinakis to offer up break point…

    Guess what? Yes, he's saved it with a phenomenal ace out wide yet again.

    Oooh, Murray comes in off the return and Kokkinakis thinks he has secured the backhand pass but it slaps the tape… and comes back!

    The Aussie is not happy, and his frustration turns to fury when he sends a backhand under pressure wide and Murray leads 4-2.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 7-6 3-2 Kokkinakis*

    Murray is showing some signs of fatigue, eventually, with a slightly more pained walk between points.

    A slice backhand into the net does not help his situation and there is a wince from the battling Brit.

    But his mood is helped when Murray gets fortunate with yet another let cord that brings Kokkinakis in and then Murray puts the pass away – cue angry Kokk who cannot believe it.

    What happened there?!

    Kokkinakis takes the initiative at 40-15 and is in control of the point but tweaks his right ankle stepping in and Murray's stretch lob loops over the stricken Aussie and wins the game.

    Replays are not nice viewing and Kokkinakis appears not too badly hurt, but does moan the 90-second changeover is not extended despite not calling for the trainer.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 2-2 Kokkinakis

    Oh Andy Murray, you are something else getting to 15-15 with superb defence, an incredible lob and then an inch-perfect forehand winner whipped inside the line.

    Kokkinakis' response? Ace. Typical.

    And Murray is annoyed when he goes 40-15 down by sending a forehand return long.

    Another ace seals the hold.

    It is 2.28am in Melbourne. Bonkers.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 7-6 2-1 Kokkinakis*

    Oooh lovely shot, Thanasi, as he executes a backhand cross-court winner to perfection and gets to 30-30 when Andy Murray's second serve is long by a millimetre or two.

    Kokkinakis digs out another angled forehand from nowhere and it brings up break point… but he nets a tight backhand.

    And that is four hours on the clock as we hit deuce.

    My word, another sensational backhand winner up the line from the Aussie and he has a second break point…

    What a time to serve and volley – oh that is a superb shake-up and goes on the front foot again at deuce before sealing the hold when the Kokk frames a return.

    And now the pics have dropped from the Kokkinais racket smash early in the third set, well here you go… (You're welcome!)

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 1-1 Kokkinakis

    The momentum is with Andy Murray right now, isn't it?

    He gets to 0-30 but pegged back to 30-30 before coming in and bringing up break point with a Sampras-style slam dunk.

    Saved by Kokkinakis with an almighty serve out wide.

    But this is a mammoth game full of tension, big serves and more Kokkinakis struggles with the overhead.

    A terrific return then sees Kokkinakis fire long for another break point, but the backhand block return goes long and that's a painful miss.

    Fifth deuce…

    Perfect drop shot from the Kokk, then a perfect volley from the Muzza.

    Sixth deuce…

    Wonderful serve and forehand combination then a giant serve to hold.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 7-6 1-0 Kokkinakis*

    Into the fourth set we go, then, at 1.53am!

    Kokkinakis starts it off with a trademark forehand up the line that catches the paint.

    He works his way to a break point, Murray recovers and gets in front when a lob drops just long.

    Murray saves another break point when Kokkinakis holds back on a midcourt forehand and gets punished.

    Then a perfect backhand low volley comes off to seal an important hold.

    He looks fresh, does Sir Andy, despite being on court for three hours and 43 minutes.

  • Joshua Jones


    Murray* 4-6 6-7 7-6 Kokkinakis

    Great serve from Muzza. 4-3.

    Ace from Kokkinakis. 4-4.


    Superb from Kokkinakis who unleashes yet another inside out forehand past Murray. 5-5.

    Booming serve down the T, just when he needed a first serve. 6-5 Murray.

    Set point…


    Kokkinakis nails his serve out wide and follows it in – but then somehow plants his overhead volley well wide and that is a clanger.


    Sir Andrew Murray does not quit. Epic drama.

    Thanasi and Andy heading off court with very different body language…

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 6-6 (3-3) Kokkinakis

    Perfect start by Murray who places a crushing forehand right in the corner to get the immediate mini-break. 1-0 Murray.

    But he hands it straight back by dragging one strangely wide. 1-1.

    Murray follows in and his volley has enough on it that Kokkinakis cannot make the pass. 2-1Murray.

    Huge serve from Kokkinakis. 2-2.

    BOOM WHAT A RETURN – Murray flashes a forehand back past Kokkinakis before the Aussie can blink. Mini-break. 3-2 Murray.

    Oh well played Kokkinakis, that is more like it as he rips a forehand winner to level it up again. 3-3.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 6-6 Kokkinakis*

    Super Scottish forehand sets up a simple volley – this time no problems.

    Repeat it for 30-0.

    Ace. 40-0.

    Service winner. Game, and an emphatic one at that.

    Tie-break time…

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 5-6 Kokkinakis

    Kokkinakis somehow takes the first point and Murray cannot believe it.

    But the Aussie hands over the next point with a woeful mishit smash on the move.

    And it gets worse for Kokkinakis when his poor drop shot is chased down and Murray works the angles at the net then puts the volley away into the open court.

    At 15-30, it's a massive point for both men and the Kokk does so well to pull off a perfect stretch drop volley and then nails an ace.

    Wonderful hitting at 40-30 but Murray makes the surprise attack, only to dump a relatively-routine volley down into the net.

    He cannot believe it, I cannot believe it.

    Murray will again come out to serve to stay in the match.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 5-5 Kokkinakis*

    Another let cord goes Murray's way after a wonderful slice serve and he seals the point with a high volley.

    Great length from Murray but Kokkinakis gets himself back into the rally with an awesome slice as Murray then goes wide.

    Dominant play, volley winner.

    Another authoritative point, another Murray volley winner.

    Murray nets a forehand but nails the next one to slam into the corner and hold.

    We are level again!

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 4-5 Kokkinakis


    Ooh, the first point goes Murray's way for a fifth in a row since the changeover.

    Make that six as Kokkinakis tightens up with a simple forehand long. 0-30.

    Big smash from the Kokk. 15-30.

    A perfect serve and forehand putaway. 30-30 as the clock hits the three-hour mark.

    Murray leaves the ball with the Kokkinakis forehand heading towards his feet… and it drops just long. That was close!

    Break point…

    Perfect return, takes control of the point, nervy smash but in he comes and KOKKINAKIS NETS!

    Murray breaks back again and ON WE GO!

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 3-5 Kokkinakis*

    It is 1.16am and Andy Murray will serve to stay in the Australian Open.

    He takes the first point when Kokkinakis goes long and the second with a perfect one-two.

    Ace. 40-0.

    Nails a backhand up the line. Game.

    Over to you, Thanasi…

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 2-5 Kokkinakis

    Andy Murray still believes.

    He gets to 15-15 and then a double fault makes it 30-30.

    A timely ace down the T makes it 40-30. That was mightily impressive.

    But then another double, with the second serve clipping the net and bouncing long.

    The Kokk comes through, though, and seals the game with another drive volley.

    Can Murray pull out another trick?

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 2-4 Kokkinakis*


    Not the start to the game Murray wanted as he slips 0-30 behind but Kokkinakis drives a backhand wide then taps his head.

    Ouch that is a painful one for Murray as he needlessly nets to offer up two more break points.

    Oh no!

    The midcourt forehand has just too much on it and it's long.

    That's the break and Kokkinakis soaks up the cheers.

    He is two games away.

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 2-3 Kokkinakis

    Murray has the advantage and could go even closer to back-to-back breaks but Kokkinakis stays in the rally and unleashes another blockbuster forehand.

    At 40-30, Murray disguises the drop shot so well it wrong-foots his opponent who loses his footing, but he is back on his feet at deuce to pummel a backhand winner up the line.

    Ace, a hold.

    Emotions running high but was that the steadying of the ship Kokkinakis needed?

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 2-2 Kokkinakis*

    Kokkinakis also got a code violation for racket abuse and wanted a word with the courtside referee.

    Murray, meanwhile, calmly points out there was no punishment for the verbal obscenities which, frankly, is wrong.

    Murray is well on top here and an ace seals a love game.

    He couldn't, could he…?

  • Joshua Jones

    Murray* 4-6 6-7 1-2 Kokkinakis


    Kokkinakis goes into the tramlines in the first two points of the game to go down 0-30…

    Will Murray break straight back again like he did in the second set?

    Wow! Sir Andy take a bow – unreal defence from the three-time Grand Slam champion before his opponents runs around a forehand but finds the net.

    The first signs of Kokkinakis under pressure as he complains about noise from the crowd to the umpire.

    But that won't change the scoreline and he's 0-40 down…

    Kokkinakis somehow finds the line with an epic forehand then Murray nets on the second – cue more angry shouting.

    Oh I say, my word that is impressive – Kokkinakis comes in late and nails a drop volley to get it back to deuce and he celebrates with the finger wag.

    Ace. "LET'S GO," screams the Adelaide star. Advantage Kokkinakis.

    Ooh Murray with an inch-perfect half-volley to get it back to deuce as the crowd continue to cause problems at nearly 1am.

    Kokkinakis picks out a drive volley but then has the court to aim for and sends an easy* forehand long (*easy when sat watching, not after two-and-a-half hours against Andy Murray).


    Kokkinakis pauses his preparation because someone calls out just before he serves – but then gets a time violation warning and furiously lets rip at the umpire.

    He has a point but cannot behave like that as he swears repeatedly at her and at the crowd – "what is this s***?".

    His mood worsens when Murray clips the line on a return…



    Kokkinakis is SO ANGRY and obliterates his racket into the ground.



  • Joshua Jones

    Murray 4-6 6-7 0-2 Kokkinakis*


    Kokkinakis whips an outrageous forehand into the corner then is helped out when Murray nets.

    That prompts the Brit to channel his inner Delia as he shouts "where are you" at his box, wanting more vocal support.

    Another unforced error brings up three break points and Murray gifts the advantage in this must-win set with a forehand needlessly long.

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