Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller and wife set to become 'horse sperm millionaires' by flogging semen online

GERMAN football ace Thomas Muller and his wife are selling HORSE SEMEN online.

And the couple look set to become 'horse sperm millionaires', according to German newspaper Bild.

World Cup and Champions League winner Muller is the self-titled 'director of carrots' at his wife Lisa's stables.

She is a champion dressage rider so knows a thing or two about all things equine.

Now their breeding farm has been named 'EU Insemination Station' for 2021.

This means breeders can order semen from their stallions, including Muller's favourite D'Avie (or Dave as it's also known as).

But it won't come cheap.

Two 'installments' that include insemination and pregnancy, and a processing fee will cost in excess of £1,700.

On the couple's official website, they write: "Up until now, the training of competition horses and the breeding of first-class dressage horses have dominated daily events at our stud.

"Now a new and very exciting chapter begins for us as the new "EU insemination station" in the 2021 breeding season.

A post shared by Thomas Müller (@esmuellert)

A post shared by Thomas Müller (@esmuellert)

"Together with you and our stallions, we would like to contribute to a positive influence on dressage breeding in the future.

"We are looking forward to it!"

Bayern Munich midfielder Muller, 31, also shared the good news on his Instagram account.

He wrote: "Lisa and I have taken the next step in our 'horse life'.

"Gut Wettlkam is looking forward to the 2021 breeding season with our stallions."

A post shared by Thomas Müller (@esmuellert)

As well as D'Avie there are two other stallions named Four Roses and Bowmore who buyers can select semen from.

Speaking about D'Avie, Muller said: "Discovered as a future hope for top dressage sport, since his arrival at our farm D'avie has not only put a smile on my wife Lisa every day.

"As a dressage enthusiast, horse lover and long-time breeder, you usually still find a fly in the ointment even with a double world champion.

"But D'Avie countered me with the previously unknown number of positive attributes with which you can describe horses."

There are millions to be made from stud breeding – Irish racehorse Galileo reportedly earns £515,000 per breeding according to

And the legendary Frankel rakes in £165,000 when mating.

SunSport has previously reported on Muller's crazy life that also includes dressing up in Lederhosen and clowning around with team-mates.

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