Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul – internet loses it over YouTuber’s $208K detail

Logan Paul walked out to his exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather with an interesting item draped around his neck.

As it turns out, the YouTube star was wearing a Pokemon card depicting Charizard.

According to one of his videos, Paul splashed just over $208,000 (US$150,000) to purchase the rare, original card.

Social media lost it and was quick to point out the 26-year-old’s special necklace.

Meanwhile, Mayweather walked out wearing a hat bearing the name of the adult subscription website OnlyFans.

The fight didn’t reach any great heights, as no winner was declared because there was no knockout. The pair slugged it out for eight three-minute rounds but there were no judges on hand to award anyone points.

Some fans won’t have been able to see the fight due to the official broadcaster Showtime’s stream crashing.

Plenty of punters vented their fury on social media, with combat sportswriter Andreas Hale tweeting: “Showtime app still down. This is an incredible f*** up.”

The streaming screw-up wasn’t the first farcical moment of the evening.

A storm caused chaos on the undercard of the Mayweather-Paul showdown with a fight forced to stop in the middle of the contest.

A heavy shower resulted in water covering the ring, making it unsafe for the thrilling rollercoaster between Jarrett Hurd and Luis Arias to continue.

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