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F1 is at Silverstone for a second week running and Lewis Hamilton will be hoping for a similar result.

The Brit star showed incredible calmness in last week's British Grand Prix to win even after his tire punctured on the final lap.

Follow all the updates from the F1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix below…


    Can anyone stop another Mercedes front row lock out?

    I am going to call it now…..

    No. They can't.


    Not a surprise to see Hamilton and Bottas dominate proceedings here in final practice.

    It is shaping up to be another Mercedes whitewash, sadly.

    Lando Norris is best of the rest for McLaren, but even on a light fuel load he is still a whopping 0.581 seconds behind.

    Then the two Racing Points with Hulkenberg and Stroll.


    The Red Bull man was on a flying lap and was marginally held up by Stroll.

    He lets him know what he thinks of it. Plenty of expletives over the radio.


    But we are some way off Hamilton's pole time for last weekend's race.

    Hamilton is still the quickest man on track.


    A statement from the Italian team.

    “After Vettel's power unit failure yesterday, Ferrari has changed the engine on both of its cars for this weekend as a precaution.”


    All the talk yesterday was that the teams were unhappy with Racing Point's punishment for copying Mercedes' brake ducts.

    They are unhappy because they felt the Silverstone team should have been punished MORE than their £361,000 fine – plus a 15 point deduction.

    News this morning is that five teams – Ferrari, Renault, McLaren, Williams, PLUS Racing Point say they intend to challenge the verdict.

    Four want more; Racing Point obviously think the penalty was too harsh.


    Racing Point Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer has claimed his team have done nothing wrong after Renauly appealed against the legality of their car.

    He said: “It’s a bit disappointing. We thought we are well within the rules and did absolutely nothing wrong,” he said. “We invited the FIA in March to come and view everything that we did. We had full disclosure

    “Thereafter, they wrote to us and said we were completely compliant. So that’s a bit disappointing. However, we now have to assess the sanction that was given.

    “The FIA have acknowledged the rules of non-listed parts going to listed parts were far from clear and ambiguous and they could be viewed from two different sides.

    “The initial thought is that from our perspective, we did nothing wrong so that’s unfair. There’s always two perspectives, I guess. The FIA were the arbiters on this. We now have to discuss with the FIA what is going to happen going forward.”


    We are go for the last session before qualifying for F1's 70th anniversary race.

    In all honesty, I don't expect too much on-track action in this session as teams save tyres for qualifying and the race.

    Now that's not ideal, but at least there are no fans complaining in the grandstands.


    Lando Norris has heaped praise on fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton, but stressed that his Mercedes has allowed him to achieve all he has in F1.

    Norris said: “[Hamilton and his Mercedes team-mates] have been driving for the last few years with a massive advantage over every other team.

    “Mercedes have been the best with the car, the best with the engine and that has allowed him to achieve the things he has done.

    “If Lewis was in a McLaren, he wouldn’t look anywhere near as good as what he has done. Mercedes have been so dominant over the last few years, it’s not been often they have had to race many other cars.

    “But I don’t think you can take anything away from him. He’s had some good team-mates, Rosberg and Bottas.

    “Especially with Bottas, he has clearly had the upper hand on him the whole time they have been at Mercedes.”



    Lewis Hamilton continued his dominance of the new Formula One season.

    The Brit finished fastest in second practice for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

    Hamilton saw off Valtteri Bottas by 0.176 seconds at Silverstone after the Finn went quickest in the morning running.

    Renault's Daniel Ricciardo was third in the order.

    While Charles Leclerc has hit out at racist accusations he's faced for refusing to take a knee before the start of Formula 1 races.

    He told  Gazzetta dello Sport: “I'm against racism, I fight it and I'm glad F1 is using its platform to show the world the right way.

    “But I didn't want to do that because there have been many protests all over the world associated with violence, and I don't accept any form of violence. And I don't like a civil protest to be used by politicians.”

  • DA MAN

    Exclusive by George Boulton:Antonio Felix Da Costa has driven like a man possessed since Formula E's return after 158 days out.

    Da Costa comfortably won the first two races since the restart and now has a whopping 68-point lead in the drivers' championship.

    The Techeetah driver told SunSport how he managed to go up a gear during lockdown.

    He said: “I came into Berlin and I just wanted to make sure that if we don't win it [the title], I would never blame myself for not being the best version of me.

    “I trained a lot, I recovered – I am healthier than I was before the lockdown.

    “For four or five years now I have been doing a double or triple motorsport programme between FE, being an F1 reserve driver, DTM and WEC.

    “It's 150 flights a year and my body needed a break.

    “So in a way these three months really helped me to reset, recover, get rid of pains I've had here and there.

    “I've trained and I started working with a mental coach as well, so I wanted to make sure I ticked every box.

    “And if we did not win in the end, I did not want to blame myself for not training.”


    Sebastian Vettel has escaped another ticking off from the sport's bosses – despite getting in a car with Racing Point boss Otmar Szafnauer.

    The German, who was warned about breaching F1's Covid Code of Conduct in Austria, where he was spotted talking to Red Bull team members without wearing a mask, was seen riding in Szafnauer's Ferrari.

    Szafnauer's driver, Sergio Perez, only last week tested positive for Covid-19 and was forced into self isolation.

    But Vettel – who has been linked a seat at the team next season – has NOT been warned about his latest blooper and the Ferrari man says he is in the clear because he wore a mask.

    He said: “We were heading to the fuel station. After the fuel station he was going home and I continued going somewhere else.

    “We were wearing masks… I find it a bit awkward nowadays that people make a fuss out of everything. I don't see the news in that.”

  • END OF FP2

    Hamilton leads the way from Bottas.

    Ricciardo an impressive P3 while Verstappen in P4.

    Racing Point make it a 5 and 6 with Stroll and Hulkenberg.

    Leclerc in 7th and McLaren's Lando Norris in P8.

    Sainz in P9 and Esteban Ocon in 10th.


    And now we have another failure. This time it is Antonio Giovinazzi who has stopped at Turn 12 in his Alfa Romeo.

    Worth pointing out at this point that he too has a Ferrari engine in that car.

    The session is over.


    He has pulled over with an engine failure. He was only 14th in the times sheets and now has pulled over.

    He's been unlucky this season and one wonders whether he will stick this season out. Vettel says it is an engine or a gearbox, “big failure in the rear of the car”.

    Deary me… Things are bleak at Ferrari.


    It is easy to forget over this double-header just how little running Hulkenberg has done in this Racing Point.

    A few hours on the simulator and a few runs around the track but still not an actual race.

    However, he in FP2 he is keeping his teammate Lance Stroll, honest as the two are in P5 and P6.

    Yes the car is quick, but he is also doing a decent job.

    Could that elusive F1 podium be on for him come Sunday?


    Leclerc is thumping around in his Ferrari, but the right rear tyre looks in bad shape. He will have to stop soon before it comes off the rim.

    As I explained in FP1, teams are chomping though these tyres at an alarming rate, which could make things tricky for them on Sunday, but more exciting for TV viewers. Strategy is going to be crucial.


    And Daniel Ricciardo has again moved up to third in the time sheets. Renault have been off the pace for a number of years, but this could be a glimpse that they are slowly making improvements.

    The Aussie was fourth last weekend in the British GP, albeit lucking in after punctures to Carlos Sainz's McLaren and Bottas.

    But it is progress nonetheless. Although, also worth remembering that he is leaving Renault at the end of this year and will be replaced by Fernando Alonso.


    He's popped in a time that is 0.006 seconds better than Bottas to go into P1.

    Max Verstappen, who is best of the rest, is a whopping 0.577 down on Hamilton's time.

    Mercedes' advantage here is still huge, hardly a surprise given there was little time in between these two races.


    It is a been a messy day for the Silverstone-based team today. Sergio Perez failed a second COVID test and now the teams are all lining up to take pop-shots over their pink Mercedes verdict.

    But Nico Hulkenberg and Lance Stroll are currently P1 and P2 and the quickest two cars on track.

  • FP2 IS GO

    The temperature is now up to 30 degrees and perhaps more representative to Sunday's conditions for the race.

    This could give us a good indication as to who is quick and who isn't.



    It is as you were. Bottas is P1 ahead of Hamilton by just 0.138 seconds.

    Verstappen is 0.727 seconds behind Bottas's time, so Red Bull – along with the rest – have plenty of work to do.

    Ferrari's Leclerc is almost a second off the pace as the best-placed Ferrari.

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