Fans left horrified as marathon runner takes break to go for a poo in stranger's back garden | The Sun

FANS were horrified at footage of a marathon runner pooing in a stranger's garden.

The runner took the risk during this week’s Boston Marathon in America but was unknowingly caught on camera by the homeowner's doorbell cam.

Over 30,000 people took part in the 26.2 mile run to get their hands on the much-coveted finishers medal.

While there were portable toilets on the route, one runner simply couldn't wait.

And he took his chances by detouring into the garden to relieve himself.

In the footage, spectators can be heard cheering in the background as he takes a squat on the lawn.


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But while he is in his vulnerable position, another person comes down the footpath spotting him.

The spectator eventually wanders off, leaving the runner to finish his business, pull his shorts back up and re-join the race through a gap in the bushes.

The footage itself has been posted online and viewers have been disgusted by the runner's actions.

One appalled fan tweeted: “Imagine mowing the grass and like WTF…wait…WTH…”

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A second commented: "Worst part for me is just the lack of wiping."

A third wrote: "When you got the runs during running."

A fourth said: “If the runner was a top finisher and didn’t have time to wait for a potty I could understand. A random runner has no business doing this.”

While a fifth took sympathy on the runner, adding: "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

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