Jets mailbag: The best solution to the Jamal Adams mess

You ask, we answer. The Post is fielding questions from readers about New York’s biggest pro sports teams and getting our beat writers to answer them in a series of regularly published mailbags. In today’s installment: the Jets.

What’s your take on the selfish Jamal Adams rantings and ravings? In my opinion, the Jets should let him twist in the wind for the next two years and make him either honor his contract or sit it out. We’ve lost with him and we can lose without him. — Cliff

I understand Adams’ frustration, Cliff. He has heard the Jets sing his praises and now he wants to get paid and it is not happening. However, I don’t think publicly trying to force a trade is the way to go. I think it makes him look selfish to other teams and also hurts the Jets’ chances of making a deal. The Jets lose leverage every time he goes on social media with one of these posts.

The Jets certainly could say they are not trading him and tell him to show up anyway and then he has to choose whether to sit out. You risk having a really disgruntled player in your locker room and he has shown he can be a distraction.

I have heard from a lot of Jets fans who want the Jets to either just get rid of Adams or call his bluff. Everyone needs to remember the Jets are a better team with Adams than without him. He is a very talented player, the best one the Jets have. I still think the objective should be to get a long-term deal done.

Do you think the Jets would trade Adams for Yannick Ngakoue? Joe D cannot trade him to a team Jamal desires. That would send an awful message to the rest of the team. — StoneyA

You hit on an interesting point, Stoney. If Douglas trades Adams to the Cowboys, which is clearly his No. 1 choice, does that embolden other players to start shooting their way out of town?

I don’t think it does. Adams is a special player who has been to two Pro Bowls and is an All-Pro. These situations don’t come around often. To me, Douglas has to make the best decision for the Jets. If the Cowboys offer a package that he feels would improve the Jets, then send Adams to the Cowboys. If he believes keeping Adams in the organization is the best thing for the Jets, do that.

As far as Ngakoue, I’m not sure trading your headache for another team’s headache is the best move. You would also have to give him a monster contract. If you’re willing to do that, why not just pay Adams?

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Everyone is discussing how problematic the cornerback group is, but I feel they have a solid group, especially if Bless Austin keeps growing and Bryce Hall has a similar impact that Bless had, where he plays to his potential, pre-injury issues. What do you think? — Binyamin Glanz

Here is how I feel about several Jets position groups — cornerbacks, wide receivers, offensive line — there are a lot of ifs and not a lot of givens. You’re right. If Austin keeps growing and if Hall is healthy and can contribute, there is potential there. But the Jets don’t have any sure things (think Revis, Cromartie days) at cornerback right now. If I were running the Jets, I would feel better with more certainty at several spots.

If (Sam) Darnold can get together with the skill players, why can’t the offensive line do the same and start to build chemistry. That is by far the Jets’ most glaring weakness. — Anthony

Theoretically, they could but I don’t think it has the same effect. It is much more effective to run pass routes with no pads on than it is to practice offensive line play. Even in a normal year, line technique is not easy to work on until training camp. You can run pass routes against no defense. It is hard to do anything on the line without someone to block in front of you.

I do think the chemistry is going to be something the Jets will have to work on. That might just require extra time together in training camp.

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