Jon Champion cut off on American TV after speaking out against Glazers

Commentator Jon Champion was abruptly CUT OFF on American TV as he spoke out against the Glazer family and criticised the ‘franchise’ system of sports ownership in the States during coverage of the postponement at Manchester United

  • Manchester United’s big clash against Liverpool on Sunday was postponed 
  • Thousands of United fans protested against the Glazer owners on Sunday 
  • Jon Champion was in the ESPN studio speaking out about the American owners
  • However, he was abruptly cut off by the network while criticising the Glazers 
  • ESPN have since released the full transcript of the conversation between Champion and ex-USA international Taylor Twellman

Commentator Jon Champion was abruptly cut off on American network ESPN on Sunday whilst talking about the Glazer family who own Manchester United amidst the Red Devils’ postponed match against Liverpool. 

One of the biggest fixtures in English football didn’t take place as planned on Sunday after thousands of United fans gathered at Old Trafford in protest against the American billionaires who own the club, in the wake of the failed launch of the European Super League. 

And 55-year-old English broadcaster Champion, who still commentates for ITV at major tournaments, was in conversation with ex-USA international Taylor Twellman in the ESPN studio when he was cut off by the network whilst speaking out against the Glazers. 

Jon Champion (L) was cut off on ESPN after speaking out against the Glazer family on Sunday 

The 55-year-old English broadcaster was in conversation with Taylor Twellman (off-camera) about the protest at Old Trafford when he was cut off by the network

Twellman was giving his verdict on the protests and postponement, saying: ‘Here in the United States, everything we do in sports in franchised…’

At this point, Champion interrupted his colleague and stated his own view: ‘Don’t mention that word, I hate that word. Because that has no place in our lexicon when we talk about European sports clubs. 

‘They’re clubs with beating hearts, not franchises. You have Manchester United, one of the Super League clubs… owned by the Glazer family who are widely despised as absentee owners. 

‘They bought the club by loading debt onto it. They don’t show any signs of care for it. 

‘And yet this is the thing which dominates the lives of so many of its followers, that’s why…’, at which point Champion was cut off, with the broadcast switching to an advert for an MLS fixture. 

United fans protested against the Glazers, resulting in the Liverpool clash being postponed 

ESPN have since suggested that the switch of broadcast was down to technical difficulties. 

The American sports network released the full video, with Champion continuing: ‘That’s why they care about, why they hate the Super League and why they’ve seized this opportunity.’

Twellman then responds: ‘So my question – little bit tongue-in-cheek, little bit serious – is when they buy Erling Haaland for £160m this transfer window, are these fans on the field taking pictures, are they going to be that upset?’

Champion answers decisively, saying: ‘Yes. They genuinely are, because this is above winning titles, signing players.

The mass protests at Old Trafford escalated with hundreds of fans entering the stadium 

‘This is the existence of their heartbeat, their club and that is what some of us in America don’t always understand.’ 

United fans were protesting against the Glazer family – who also own Super Bowl winners and NFL franchise the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – who have owned the club since 2005. 

It follows the failed launch of the European Super League two weeks ago, in which the Glazers were architects of the breakaway competition which was widely condemned across English football. 

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