LeBron James’ candle obsession is out of control

LeBron James relies on the scent of candles to help set the mood  — for game day, that is.

“I have to light a candle in my room on every road trip while I’m in my room. It has a lot to do with the energy of the universe. I’m very high on that — I actually get that from my wife,” the Lakers superstar revealed in an interview with GQ.

“But I also just love the smell of candles. You know, hotel rooms can have a stagnant smell. I think a candle gives it a fresher smell. I can bring some home with me, it makes me very comfortable. So the energy, the essence, behind a candle, and also the smell quality of just keeping me as comfortable away as I am when I’m home,” James continued.

Though James considers Diptyque’s Baies candle his favorite, as the scent boasts “a tangy coolness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries,” he also has a backup plan if the aroma is unavailable.

“If I run out of candles, I’ll actually walk down to the gift shop at the hotel and see if they have good ones. Any time I’m staying at the Four Seasons — I don’t know the brand that they work with, but they have great selections of candles, and I will pick from them,” he explained.

In addition to candles, James’ size 15 and 16 sneakers also hold a special place in one of his two travel cases.

“I’ve got one bag that’s just dedicated to my shoes, because my shoes take up so much space,” James said, adding his toiletries, iPad and game film also made the cut.

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