Lioness fans taunt Aussies after World Cup semi-final triumph

‘Kylie Minogue! Vegemite! Crocodile Dundee! Your girls took a hell of a beating!’: Lioness fans taunt Aussies on social media after World Cup semi-final triumph

  • Lioness fans took to Twitter to lord it over Australia following England’s triumph 
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Lioness fans have taken to Twitter to gloat about England’s victory over Australia in the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup. 

Supporters of the women’s team were quick to start gloating after England beat Australia 3-1. 

Fans of the women’s football team, that have been nicknamed the Lionesses due to the lions on their shirts, lorded it over Australia fans as they celebrated England’s triumph. 

England supporters ripped into all things Australian, as they declared victory over the ‘Matildas’ and mocked Crocodile Dundee and Kylie Minogue. 

The taunts come after reams Australia fans surreptitiously managed to buy tickets in England’s section of the stadium using a code meant for Lioness supporters – and bragged they would be wearing ‘Matilda shirts’. 

The Lionesses’ win will now see England’s women’s team enter the World Cup Final in facing off against Spain. 

England fans shared a picture of Lioness Lauren Hemp hugging a koala bear

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England fans mocked all things Australian including Crocodile Dundee and Kylie Minogue

England fans mocked Australia’s misery as they celebrated the Lionesses’ World Cup victory 

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Another fan said Austrlian cricketer David Warner should be added to the list

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