New speed record set with golf ball hit 236.2MPH in simulator

Bryson who? Kyle Berkshire sets a new speed record by hitting golf ball a staggering 236.2MPH in simulator… and he can also drive over 450 yards – putting LIV Golf’s big-hitter DeChambeau to shame

  • The current world No.1 Long Driver set a new record with a fierce drive Thursday
  • Berkshire hit the top speed on three separate occasions inside a simulator 
  • The 26-year-old has become a speed mentor to LIV Golfer Bryson DeChambeau 
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Long drive hitter Kyle Berkshire reiterated just why he is revered for his lethal swing, setting a new record.

The American almost set a ball into orbit while in a simulator – a hard feat – smacking it 236.2MPH. 

Amazingly, it wasn’t a one off. In fact, Berkshire hit the previously untouched speed on three separate occasions. 

Nor did he hit those tantalizing speeds in his first three drive. Throughout the session, the world’s No.1 ranked World Long Driver had 70 swings, per

Long drive hitter Kyle Berkshire set a new record on Thursday for the fastest TrackMan ball hit

Despite breaking the TrackMan ball-speed record, the 26-year-old remains unsatisfied.

‘Honestly, it’s frustrating because I think I topped out at 158.9 [mph],’ he told ‘I probably had 238 [mph] in the tank. I just didn’t quite middle it.’ 

‘I just didn’t have that freak ball where I smoked one and swung really fast at the same time,’ Berkshire continued. 

‘You’ve kinda got to get that to line up. I haven’t had that in a couple sessions, but it’s gonna happen. 

Bryson DeChambeau has received mentorship from Berkshire for speed shots in the past

‘Any session now I could go [237 or 238 mph], but it’s a new TrackMan personal record by over a mile an hour for me.’ 

‘It’s great to go 236.2, but we’ve got more in the tank.’

Berkshire has previously trained with LIV Golf star Bryson DeChambeau. Though the latter isn’t threatening his countryman in the speed game anytime soon. 

DeChambeau hit a personal record of 219mph during the 2021 World Long Drive Championships. 

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