Paige Spiranac boasts about her boobs as she turns Twitter troll's insult against him in furious row | The Sun

PAIGE SPIRANAC boasted that she has "fantastic milkers" after turning a Twitter troll's insult against him.

The golfing influencer got into it with political commentator Nick Adams, who describes himself as an "alpha male".

Adams tweeted: "Can’t there be a par 3 course set aside for the slow female golfers so they don’t clog up the championship courses on the weekends?

"There’s no reason women should be allowed to slow down the pace of play on a beautiful Saturday like today!"

Spiranac responded: "It would be so satisfying out driving you all day long."

Adams hit back: "Listen Paige, you’re not famous because of your golf swing or how far you can drive the ball."


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Spiranac ended with: "Listen Nick, we all know I have fantastic milkers. I shall now change my name to Paige Spiranac (alpha jugs)."

Spiranac, who has 3.7million followers on Instagram is often on the receiving end of online criticism, but is never afraid to fire back.

The American was even forced to prove her boobs are real after being asked to confirm so in a fan Q&A.

She responded: "They're real and they're spectacular.

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"I love when guys try to tell me that these things that have been attached to my body since the day that I was born, that they're fake – when they are very in fact real."

Spiranac, 29, jiggled her boobs, before adding: "And they're like 'but they're fake' and I'm like 'they're real, what do you want me to say?'

"And I wouldn't lie about it. If I paid for them and they were fake I'd be like 'yeah I paid for them and they're awesome, like look at them'.

"And people are like 'well they changed sizes' – yeah, because they're real. If I gain weight they get bigger. If I wear a bra, like this is like a sports bra, they look smaller.

"It's just like mind-boggling how men are so confused about boobs. And I'm like 'I need to do boobies 101 for you guys' so you can understand."

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