Pakistan vs New Zealand LIVE SCORE: Babar and Zaman out as Pakistan chase 135 to win – T20 World Cup latest updates

PAKISTAN and New Zealand are doing battle in a crucial T20 World Cup clash.

The Black Caps were put into bat by Babar Azam, with the Black Caps mustering 134-8 from their 20 overs.

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  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 18: PAKISTAN 126-5

    Poor start from Santner, who drags down his first ball down and is smacked behind point to the boundary.

    Pakistan's middle-order are rocking now and the required rate has collapsed to under 5/over.

    The tension in the stands draining away as Malik launches another six down the ground, brilliant strike.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 17: PAKISTAN 111-5

    Southee is trusted with the next cover as he also finishes up his set.

    But his slower ball is right in the slot. SIX from Asif Ali, gorgeous connection.

    Next ball, same result. It was the slower delivery again and it just sat up to be hit.

    The crowd have finally come alive as the final ball of the over smacks Malik square on the helmet. Great contest.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 16: PAKISTAN 98-5

    Sodhi on to bowl out his overs and he's been superb.

    Just two runs off the first four balls, Malik knows he has to go big.

    He comes down the pitch, hammers to the rope for a priceless boundary back over the bowlers head.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 15: PAKISTAN 91-5

    Asif Ali needs to support Malik and that's the perfect start.

    Five overs left for Pakistan to save this game, he opens the face and slaps Boult behind square to the fence.

  • Jim Sheridan


    Boult strikes, Pakistan in big trouble.

    Moments after ending the boundary drought, he misses a straight one and that was smashing off-stump.

    NZ now favourites to take this Super 12 match. The crowd stunned.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 14: PAKISTAN 82-4

    Sodhi has been excellent and continues to smother the Pakistan batsmen.

    They need boundaries, but New Zealand doing an excellent job of restricting them to 1s and 2s.

    Around 9/over needed from now on. Pakistan need to hit the gas.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 13: PAKISTAN 75-4

    Malik the man in at No6, a fine striker of a ball.

    But he's lucky to get away with that one, clothing a slower delivery straight back over Neesham's head for a single.

    Everything a bit of a struggle for Pakistan at the moment.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 12: PAKISTAN 70-4

    This is a great effort from New Zealand and this crowd extremely nervous now.

    That Conway catch is the sort of effort which could turn a match.

    Just look at him go.

  • Jim Sheridan


    Disaster for Pakistan and Sodhi strikes, Rizwan trapped plum infront.

    Things are unravelling for the favourites, who are losing wickets at regular intervals.

  • Jim Sheridan



    Best of the tournament so far, Conway has just caught Hafeez on the rope with a flying Superman effort. Truly stunning.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 10: PAKISTAN 58-2

    Hafeez is in now at No4 and Pakistan trying to get going from a tough few overs.

    That'll do it. First ball he receives, six runs. Smashed hard and long over midwicket.

    The win predictor still very much in Pakistan's favour, with plenty of batting to come.

  • Jim Sheridan


    Sodhi has made the breakthrough!

    A terrific review from final ball of the over, it barely registered with the crowd or comms that New Zealand thought they had their man.

    Three red lights, Zaman on his way. It was crashing into the top of middle stump.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 9: PAKISTAN 47-1

    Time for more spin as Sodhi joins the attack.

    Zaman is 4 from 14 and looking tetchy, so tries to free his hands.

    Wow. An unreal strike and it sails over cow corner and onto the stand roof.

    That is much more like it.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 8: PAKISTAN 39-1

    Time for some medium pace from Jimmy Neesham, who is a bit short first up but escapes conceding a boundary.

    Zaman getting a bit frustrated and comes down the pitch, wildly missing as he tries to plan Neesham into the car park.

    It's not fluent from Pakistan at the moment and the crowd getting a bit nervy.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 7: PAKISTAN 36-1

    A much-needed boundary from Rizwan as Santner returns with his spin, sweeping fine to the rope.

    Pakistan looking to rotate the strike as Zaman struggles to get into a rhythm.

    Guptill has just limped off the field and it looks like his night could be over – he was struck on the foot earlier in the first innings.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 6: PAKISTAN 30-1

    Zaman the next man in, Southee's slower ball responsible for getting the breakthrough.

    And the NZ man looking in excellent nick, almost drawing the outside edge as Zaman has a wild swipe.

    Game very much on in this evidence, the crowd suddenly very quiet.

  • Jim Sheridan


    Silence in Sharjah, just as we said they are looking comfortable.

    Southee hits his line and length, Babar bowled for just 9. Game on?

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 5: PAKISTAN 28-0

    Short, wide, four more. Lovely shot from Rizwan, using the pace of Boult to split the field.

    This pair just look in complete control of their batting at the moment.

    New Zealand really need something special today if they're to win this.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 4: PAKISTAN 22-0

    This is decent again from Southee, who starts with two dots after varying his pace and length.

    But go short and you'll get punished by Rizwan, every time.

    Another lovely pull, another boundary.

    Hardly an electric start by Pakistan but this pair looking very comfortable.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 3: PAKISTAN 14-0

    Santner out, Trent Boult in.

    But it's a loose ball first up from the veteran quick and Rizwan pulls it beautifully to the rope.

    A nice fightback from Boult who responds with three dots, before a wide which is miles down leg.

    Rizwan hit hard on the final ball, he winces and drops to his knees. So the man is human after all.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 2: PAKISTAN 9-0

    Tim Southee from the other end, as he searches for his 100th international T20 wicket.

    A good start with three dots, as Babar is scrambling back into his crease with New Zealand busy in the field.

    The noise in the ground suggests the crowd aren't too worried about Pakistan chasing this down. A wicket might change that.

  • Jim Sheridan

    OVER 1: PAKISTAN 7-0

    Spin to start then and Babar Azam has had an entire innings to assess this pitch.

    It shows. He wastes no time smashing Pakistan's first boundary, smashing over mid-off to the vacant rope. Just far too easy.

    A very proactive start from the pair, who hustle for three singles alongside that brutal blow.

  • Jim Sheridan


    135 to win in 20 overs, Rizwan and Babar Azam come to the crease.

    Mitchell Santner as the ball in hand. Play.

  • Jim Sheridan

    NEW ZEALAND 134-8

    Well, we said before the innings that anything above 140 would have New Zealand firmly in this game.

    But they might have come up just short here.

    Nobody was able to take the innings by the scruff of the neck, with Rauf's superb spell of 4-22 the highlight for Pakistan.

    Should they lose this, the Black Caps will likely look back at the needless run out of Kane Williamson as the likely turning point.

  • Jim Sheridan


    Mitchell Sandtner with some crucial runs late on, but Rauf has the final say.

    Bowled from the final delivery of the innings, he finishes with 4-22. Terrific effort.

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