Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell LIVE REACTION: King Ry WINS in round seven, Brit scored early knockdown – latest updates

RYAN GARCIA retained his unbeaten record with a seventh round stoppage of Luke Campbell – despite hitting the canvas early in the fight.

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  • William Pugh


    Tony Bellew heaped praise on Ryan Garcia but claimed he could not beat Gervonta 'Tank' Davis.

    The former cruiserweight took to Twitter to share his views after Garcia stopped Luke Campbell in the seventh round last night.

    Bellew tweeted: "Garcia is a really good fighter but I’m sorry he ain’t beating Tank!

    "Tank on his day is a fighter who will not allow you to continue once you go down!

    "Tank is a SERIOUSLY powerful fighter and one of the best finishers in the game today!"

  • William Pugh


    Ryan Garcia posted footage of his final knockdown of Luke Campbell on his Twitter.

    The American stopped the Brit was a thunderous body shot.

    And he was absolutely ecstatic after the win.

  • William Pugh


    Ryan Garcia posted a victorious tweet after his win over Brit star Luke Campbell.

    The American posted a picture of him on a crown, sitting on a throne with an inspiring caption.

    He wrote: "You are not what they say you are, you are who you choose to be."

  • William Pugh


    Luke Campbell was humble in defeat last night after his seventh round loss to Ryan Garcia.

    The fighters posed for pictures together in the dressing room after the clash and Campbell posted the shots to Twitter.

    He wrote: "Well I’m honestly heart broken, I really wanted to bring the win back for you all.

    "I’m sorry for that. I hope you all enjoyed the fight.

    "Have to take my hat off to @KingRyanG, well done and a massive future ahead for him. I wish him all the best."

  • supal


  • supal


    Here is SunSport boxing correspondent Wally Downes Jr's verdict…

    LUKE CAMPBELL handed over his golden boy status to Ryan Garcia after suffering a stunning bodyshot KO to the wonderkid.

    Hull’s 2012 London Olympic winner was sent to Dallas to be the American 22-year-old’s first serious test after 20 one-sided wins and try to secure his third world title shot.

    But the 33-year-old was destroyed by a magnificent left hook that confirmed Garcia is worth all the hype.


  • supal


    The fighters are posing for photos together in the dressing room – real warm embrace between the pair.

    Canelo Alvarez is also back there.

    All's well that ends well.

  • supal


    Eddie Hearn's take…

  • supal


    Ryan Garcia exits the arena and has a word with WBC champion Devin Haney on the way out.

    The pair smile at each other, and they clearly want to fight each other next.

  • supal


    On what he said to Canelo Alvarez: "I just wanted to thank him. Without Canelo being by my side all the time I don't know if I would've learned all the things I've learned.

    "I'm grateful and blessed to have a great team around me."

  • supal


    Ryan Garcia: "I definitely showed a lot of people who I really am. I wanted to show people that whatever they call you' a social media fighter'. You're not what people tell you you are, you are who you choose to be. And I chose to be a champion tonight.

    "I have never been dropped in my life. I think I got too excited in the moment. I felt like I could crack him, but he cracked me. I just had to get back up and show everybody what a warrior is really like."

  • supal


    This is what it meant to Ryan Garcia – what a massive roar.

  • supal


    Ryan Garcia has a crown on his head, and he's getting some advice from Canelo Alvarez.

    With this ability, this support and his massive following there really isn't a limit to what he could do in boxing.

  • supal


    Ryan Garcia tells Luke Campbell he learned a lot tonight, he'd never been put down like that.

    Classy embrace.

  • supal

    IT'S OVER!!!

    Garcia has knocked out Campbell in the seventh round.

    A vicious body shot that the Brit just couldn't get up from.

    Stunning finish from King Ry.

  • supal


    Campbell is down! A massive body shot!

  • supal


    And Garcia starts round six looking to line Campbell up and tee off on him.

    Now it's Campbell's turn to have to show a response and he comes back well in the second half of the round.

    Garcia looking to pin Campbell on the ropes again and land a power blow, but the Brit fights his way out of there nicely with a straight right hand.

  • supal


    Campbell nearly went down there. He looked to be held up by the ropes, right on the bell as well.

    He was happy to get back to the corner there and listen to his trainer McGuigan.

    Right on the temple from Garcia.

  • supal


    Garcia gets caught again on the way in by Campbell.

    A better round from Campbell, this. He's been on the front foot for the majority of it.

    But Garcia comes back well with a straight right hand that Campbell has to take on the chin.

    The home fighter finishes the round stronger as he tries to tee off with a flurry and he catches Campbell RIGHT ON THE BELL.

  • supal


    Garcia with a big right hand that sends Campbell stumbling backwards a bit.

    The Brit isn't doing enough to win these rounds, he's very passive just throwing out some tentative jabs and looking for a big shot.

    Garcia has won the last two rounds I think just by being busier. It's been a good response to that second round shock.

  • supal


    This is a good response from Garcia but Campbell maybe a bit passive?

    He hasn't gone in and put the pressure on Garcia like you'd expect having floored him.

    Garcia finishes the round aggressively as he looks to tee off, but he has to be careful not to stand in front of Campbell and get countered again.

  • supal


    Garcia getting a telling off from his corner for lowering his defence.

    That punch from Campbell was clean and vicious and left the youngster scrambling for a moment.

    He's looking a bit more tentative to storm in at the start of the third.

  • supal


    What a punch from Campbell. Garcia is back up after the count and looking a bit steadier as the round goes on.

    We'll see what this protegee is made of now, he's never been in trouble like this.

    Campbell didn't rush in looking for the finish and Garcia happy just to see the end of that round.

  • supal


    Campbell comes out looking to get on the front foot more than he did in the opening round.

    And Garcia is DOWN! A massive overhand left!

  • supal


    Garcia comes out the aggressor with a couple of left hooks which Campbell is up to defending.

    Looks like the Brit is trying to stay compact behind his jab and counter punch but Garcia is fast.

    He tagged Campbell with a straight right hand that shook the Campbell for a split second.

    Good round for Garcia.

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