The WORST football stadium food that left fans kicking off

Penalty! The WORST football stadium food that left fans kicking off – from hollow hotdog to still ‘alive’ bacon

  • One fan could barely sink his teeth into a £4.70 panini that was burnt to a crisp
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From a hollowed out hot dog to a portion of bacon-loaded chips that looks ‘one shade away from being alive’ – these are some of the dodgiest foods found in football stadiums across the UK.

Most sports fans would agree that when you’re going to a live sporting event you should not be expecting restaurant quality food. 

Hot dogs, burgers and pies are the most typical stadium buys which can be quickly eaten whilst standing around waiting for kick-off. 

However, for these unfortunate souls we can’t believe they were actually charged for what they were served.

Football fan Jake Temperton, 22, said he was left feeling ‘awful’ after eating these £5 chips at FC Halifax Town’s home ground

Up first is the extremely unlucky 22-year-old Jake Temperton who went to a FC Halifax Town home match against Scunthorpe. 

Mr Temperton was served pale-looking chips underneath extremely pink bacon, topped with a generous sprinkle of cheese. 

The footie fan said he was left feeling ‘awful’ after he ate the ‘undercooked’ £5 meal. 

After he posted the loaded chips to social media, one user joked: ‘That bacon is one shade away from still being alive. Scrandalous.’

Up next is a half-missing hot dog which a fan sent in on social media. 

There’s a hole in my hot dog! This bizarre fan said he was left with this at a football ground

West Ham United supporter Elliot was also unfortunate with his hot dog meal. 

The Hammers fan was given a sausage twice the size of his bun. 

Eliot posted the photo to Twitter, asking: ‘What’s the worst food you have had at a football match? Here’s mine.’

His post went rival and he received thousands of replies of dodgy meals, including a tiny hot dog below. 

West Ham fan Elliot with his enormous and bizarre hot dog

Somewhere in between the size of Eliot’s hot dog and this miniature one would make the perfect meal 

At least the two hot dog’s above weren’t completely burnt unlike this Man Utd fan’s cheese panini 

This Manchester United fan also replied to Elliot’s tweet and showed his ham and cheese panini that he bought at Old Trafford.

The £4.70 snack was burnt to an absolute crisp, much to the fan’s disappointment.

From dodgy-looking hot dogs to even stranger burgers, it seems these fans may even have had worse meals. 

One unfortunate fan was given a grey, half-cooked burger while another’s was cooked to death. 

Was half of the grill not working with this burger?

Another example of what happens when you leave food on the grill for too long

Is this a burger dog or hot burger?

Another fan was given something half-way between a hot dog and a burger – in the worst possible sense.

George Tucker paid £2 for a tiny hot dog in an uncooked burger bun at Frome Town FC.

Posting it to social media, he said: ‘£2 I’ll never get back.’ 

Several other fans have also had to endure burnt burgers and strangely assembled meals, like the two below.  

This fan’s apparent burger looks as though it has been cremated

Perhaps whoever made this burger wanted to showcase their art skills with a very specific blob of ketchup

Now on to cheesy chips – it seems these football grounds don’t understand the meaning of melted cheese.

One Leyton Orient fan was given an utterly tepid portion of cheesy chips at Stevenage FC. 

Two other fans also sent in their similarly poor portions, with one of them coming from Wembley stadium. 

It seems no stadium is safe from dodgy football food.  

This Leyton Orient fan joked on his Facebook about these odd-looking cheesy chips

At least this fan has a beer to wash down his food…

Another unappealing portion of cheesy chips coming right up!

Last but not least and moving on to pies – these meals look absolutely digusting.

One fan posted an extremely burnt, tough-looking pie which was bought at Oakwell.

Another posted a yet-again burnt pie which is swimming in a sea of mushy peas. 

Unless this fan told us it was a pie, I’m not sure I would have guessed…

Whoever assembled this meal clearly tried to compensate for the burnt top with a pool of mushy peas.

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