Watch as Floyd Mayweather is floored for the first time in his career… playing basketball – The Sun

FLOYD MAYWEATHER may have finally met his match after he was put on the deck.

Arguably the greatest boxer of all-time never hit the canvas in his undefeated 50-fight boxing career.

So when he was floored by the quick feet of Larry "Bone Collector" Williams during a charity basketball match that also starred Snoop Dogg, fans couldn't resist but revel in his embarrassment.

The street basketball player earned that nickname because he is renowned for "snapping" ankles with his rapid movement.

And during a match in the United States, 42-year-old Floyd became his latest victim.

As Mayweather attempted to intercept play, Money Man lost his balance and was sent tumbling to the ground.

The crowd absolutely loved it as they got off their feet to a chorus of gasps.

His misery was then further compounded when Williams sunk a three-pointer to leave Mayweather grinning on the ground.

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Many caught the incident on video and were quick to upload it to social media, where fans loved it.

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal said: "Down goes Mayweather!"

Others just simply commented 50-1 in reference to his first ever defeat.

Another added: "What Bone Collector did to Mayweather was a crime. I'm surprised he didn't try and fight him."

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