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WORLD IN MOTION is once again the soundtrack to the rugby summer.

The feel-good anthem has been the official song of every World Cup since 1991 – and this year's rendition is sung by J-pop star Kiyoe Yoshioka.

Who is Kiyoe Yoshioka?

THE daughter of two farmers, Yoshioka is a familiar face to music lovers around her native Japan.

A member of Ikimono-gakari, she is the main vocalist of the three-piece who have been active for twenty years.

Born in 1984, Kiyoe's brother went to school with her fellow bandmates Mizuno Yoshiki and Yamashita Hotaka.

Yoshioka's most recent album was a cover's effort in 2018 and she has also penned lyrics for various songs in the Ikimono-gakari back-catalogue.

A year before the Rugby World Cup – which starts on September 20 – organisers released her version of World In Union.

The rendition is the official song of the tournament, with the lyrics meant to transmit a message of global unity and friendship.

She said: "As a Japanese artist, it is a great honour to perform the official theme song for the first Rugby World Cup to be held in both Japan and Asia.

"World in Union is such a powerful and inspiring song and I have really enjoyed working with the music and lyrics, giving them what I hope is a unique, Japanese interpretation.

"I’m now looking forward with great anticipation to the start of the tournament."

Yoshioka’s version of World in Union will be the eighth consecutive time the song has been performed as the official Rugby World Cup theme song since 1991.

What are the lyrics to World In Motion?

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