BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns heavy rain system to barrel through UK with brutal winds

BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood warned a front carrying heavy rain will be slowly moving in over the UK through Tuesday evening after a mostly dry day. Weather maps have shown outbursts of rain will first hit Northern Ireland, with weather across the rest of country increasingly turning windier and ranier. Ms Kirkwood said: “The other thing to note is the

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BBC Weather: ‘Heavy thunderstorms’ to descend upon Europe as continent set for showers

BBC Weather meteorologist Alina Jenkins stated there will temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s across Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. She added a weather front of cooler air and outbreaks of rain will flow through Germany, France and northern Italy. Ms Jenkins said: “We are following a passage of a cold front across central Europe with cooler air across

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BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns drastic change from cold front to ruin week of sunshine

BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood has warned of thunderstorms from a cold front coming in from the west as a huge weather system blankets Northern Ireland in rain. Meanwhile, hot air is being dragged across southern England from the continent. Temperatures will reach 27C in London and Hull on Tuesday. Ms Kirkwood said: “From today you will start to notice the

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