Playgrounds are open but there’s a better way to empower children

The boys ran into the bush, arms swinging, eager to explore. They found hiding spots, chased each other, walked along fallen longs, climbed a tree, swung on branches, yelling, giggling, clapping. “Look at this, I found a stick,” said one. Many children have found ways to navigate through the pandemic in nature. “They’re survival sticks,” said the other. Playgrounds reopened

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I had a top job but secretly necked vodka on tube & blew £250k on booze – even my kids didn’t know I was alcoholic

HEADING into Sainsbury’s on her way to work, mum-of-two Nicola Farrell picked up a birthday card and bottles of vodka and Lucozade. “It’s my friend’s 30th,” she told the cashier — before rushing into a nearby public toilet, pouring the Lucozade away, filling the bottle with vodka and binning the card. Nicola, 37, from Crystal Palace, south east London, says:

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NHS charity gets £100m but cash will be spent on iPads and staff rooms

Well-wishers donate more than £100m to NHS charity… but funds will be spent on iPads for patients and staff accommodation because it can’t go to the frontline due to fundraising rules NHS Charities Together raised £102m in six weeks since Covid-19 hit the UK The cash includes £32m from 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising Money will be used to improve

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