Drunk patient smacked nurse on the bottom after asking if she had a boyfriend

A drunk hospital patient smacked a nurse's bottom after insisting she dumped her boyfriend. Andrew Pickup, 38, was admitted to Royal Liverpool Hospital in July last year following a seizure but when a nurse started treating him in a cubicle, he "began to become suggestive" and was "asking if she had a boyfriend". Still intoxicated, Pickup slapped the nurse's behind

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Britain’s youngest terrorist who led neo-Nazi cell from nan’s house walks free

The Daily Star’s FREE newsletter is spectacular! Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist, who led a neo-Nazi cell from his grandmother’s house, has been sentenced at the Old Bailey to a 24-month youth rehabilitation order. When the boy, from south-east Cornwall, was aged just 13 when he got his hands on

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Sick grandad sent photos of kids to other paedophiles in ‘PervsRUs’ chat room

A grandad who shared indecent images of children with other paedophiles on a chat room called ‘PervsRUs’ has been jailed. Robert Blackband, 67, was also part of a group called ‘Schoolgirls’ and had sexualised conversations about children with other members. He was caught with more than 400 indecent photos including 139 category A images – said to be the worst

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