A Victoria gold-hunter has discovered a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite

Gold hunter finds a mysterious reddish rock buried near his home – only to discover it’s a 4.6 BILLION-year-old meteorite as old as Earth itself Victoria gold-hunter Dave Hole has found a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite He discovered the rock buried just outside his home in Maryborough in 2015 Mr Hole took it to geologists three years after he couldn’t crack the

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Colorado has made over $1 billion from legal marijuana

DENVER — Colorado has surpassed $1 billion in tax revenue from marijuana sales since recreational use of the drug was legalized in 2014. The Colorado Department of Revenue says sales since legalization have topped $6.5 billion, generating $1.02 billion from taxes, licenses and fees. The state has more than 2,900 licensed marijuana businesses and more than 41,000 licensed workers in

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Drew Barrymore has a £4,000 tummy flattening device to tighten muscles

The secret to Drew Barrymore’s toned stomach: Actress has a £4,000 tummy flattening device that uses electromagnets to tighten the muscles Drew Barrymore has revealed the secret to her toned tummy – a £4,000 stomach sculpting procedure. The actress, 44, said she turned to Emsculpt, which uses electromagnets to eliminate fat and tighten muscle, because her midriff was ‘like a

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