Mums 'hate talking about sex and birthing stories' with pals and don't want to burden them with their troubles

SEX, weak bladders, and emotions are among the list of conversation topics mums hate having with friends. A study of 1,500 mothers revealed that a quarter simply don’t want to burden others with their woes. More than a third worry about boring their friends with discussions about things like birth stories (21 per cent) and the pressure to be a

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Those who hate Boris Johnson's Government enough to undermine vaccine rollout with propaganda should be ashamed

Jibes at jabs THERE are some whose hatred of Boris Johnson’s Government now extends even to undermining the vaccine rollout. They should be ashamed of themselves. Misinformation will cost lives. The vaccines are safe. And the decision to delay the second dose was not a ruse by the PM to artificially boost the number of first jabs done. It was

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Where is I Hate Suzie filmed?

I HATE Suzie is a new Billie Piper drama which tells the tale of a celebrity's who has nude pictures leaked. The gritty storyline sees the affect of how having your phone hacked can have a devastating impact. Where is I Hate Suzie filmed? It looks like I Hate Suzie was filmed in one location, which was Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

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