Oil wrestling festival returns in Turkey

EDIRNE, Turkey — After a year-long, pandemic-induced hiatus, the sounds of the zurna flute and beating drums again greeted thousands of Turkish wrestling fans who returned to the country’s northwest for a 600-year-old oil wrestling championship. Last year’s contest was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. But spectators headed in droves to Edirne province on the Greek border over the

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Oil tanker surrounded after reports of attempted hijacking off coast of England

Authorities have surrounded an oil tanker after reports of an attempted hijacking off the coast of the Isle of Wight, according to news reports. The massive 42,000-ton Liberian oil tanker Nave Andromeda was due to arrive in Britain’s Southhampton port Sunday afternoon but was being contained off the coast of the island after a distress call around 9 a.m. local

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Iranian oil tanker 'hit by explosion’ near Saudi Arabia sparking ‘terror attack’ fears, reports claim

AN Iranian oil tanker was today hit by an explosion in a suspected "terrorist act", according to reports. The huge blast was on board a vessel belonging to the National Iranian Oil Company 60 miles from the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Reports suggest "heavy damages" were caused to the ship and oil is currently spilling into the

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