The only way to win a World Cup!

The only way to win a World Cup! (In a maelstrom of emotion, energy and pure elation) England pulled off one of the greatest victories in cricket history on Sunday It’s the first World Cup to be decided by a super over and it went England’s way It was a lunatic, schizophrenic existence – one moment up, the next down   Maybe

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This Is the Only Pair of Spanx You Need If You Struggle With Thigh Chafing

It’s summer, meaning it’s officially the season for sun dresses, beach days, and…chafing. While thigh gaps would be nice, they aren’t as realistic as Instagram portrays them to be—and sometimes, this means dealing with your thighs chafing when the higher temperatures hit.  I’ve always struggled with wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses in the summer because with every  cute outfit, came

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F-35 fighter jets ‘can only fly at supersonic speeds for short bursts’

Pentagon warns the RAF and US Navy’s new £100m F-35 fighter jets can only fly at supersonic speeds for short bursts or the stealth coating will blister Jets are at risk of ‘structural damage’ at high speeds, Pentagon documents show F-35s are going through rigorous testing in US before they become operational  Other issues identified include spikes in cockpit pressure

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