Casualty review with spoilers: Lev's secret revealed and Jan messes up

Casualty peeled back yet another layer of Lev (Uriel Emil) in tonight’s episode. As well as being a paramedic, kitten-rescuer, dependable and loyal husband and father, he’s previously been revealed to have a violent past as a vicious football thug. Today we learned that he’s also harbouring another secret – he’s attracted to men. And this possibly explains the football

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Film review: Family comedy My Spy is weird but worthwhile

MY SPY ★★★(PG) 100 minutes The American movie awards season is upon us, and through arthouses and mainstream multiplexes alike files the parade of contenders, with their star-studded casts, high production values and forward-thinking messages. In the midst of all the hoopla, hopefully at least a few cinephiles will find time for My Spy, a formulaic yet eccentric family action-comedy

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2019 In Review: The Best Pop Culture-Inspired Sneakers of the Year

It’s been a busy year in entertainment, and an equally busyyear in fashion. Sneaker giants, Nikeand Adidas, have been working hard to outdo each other, and their one-upmanshiphas been paying substantial dividends. 2019, in many ways, was the year of popculture collaborations, and the results have been epic. Have you noticed thesetop pop culture collaborations? If you are a sneakerenthusiast,

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