'Star Wars': Bittersweet Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shows How Heartbreaking the Passing of Time Can Be

In 1977, the Star Wars saga began with a movie that wowed audiences everywhere and started a universe that has been on an expansion course since then. Unfortunately, although the characters in the first three films will always live on through their fans’ eyes, sadly, the actors who brought the characters to life face mortality. Recently fans recalled the original

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'Star Wars': Behind-the-Scenes Photo Brings Back Old Sequel Trilogy Frustration

Star Wars resonates with different people for different reasons. For many fans of George Lucas’s masterpiece, it’s the spectacle of the entire saga, the war between light and dark, and the lengths that people will go to fight for what is right help guide the saga. For others, there’s an element of human relationships that allow all of this to unfold compellingly.

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Another 'The Mandalorian' Spin-Off Series Announced, Will Arrive in December 2021

The second season finale of The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ today, and aside from the mind-blowing ending to the episode, there was a post-credits scene that came with even more surprising news. To be specific would mean venturing into spoilers, and it’s far too early to go into details right here. So what we will say right now is that a third

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