Woman, 22, is shot dead in the back as she left George Floyd protest with a friend because she ‘felt uncomfortable’ – The Sun

A 22-year-old woman was shot dead in the back as she left a George Floyd protest because she “felt uncomfortable”. Italia Marie Kelly had joined a demonstration against police brutality in Davenport, Iowa, sparked by the death of George Floyd. She had joined the protest after finishing work on Sunday night, according to her aunt, Amy Hale of Atchison, Kansas.

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Trevor Noah Reflects on George Floyd Protests: 'Police in America Are Looting Black Bodies'

As protesters across the country demand justice for victims of police brutality and racism, Trevor Noah delivered a powerful reflection on the unrest in an 18-minute video. The video, posted Friday on The Daily Show's YouTube account, has since amassed over 5.4 million views. Noah, 36, began by addressing Amy Cooper, a white woman who last month called the cops

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'The Office:' Steve Carell Was Trashed by Critics After the Pilot Aired

NBC’s sitcom The Office is heralded as one of today’s most iconic shows. Launching the careers of several cast members including John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Ed Helms, the comedy catapulted actor Steve Carell into superstardom. Despite the sitcom’s current notoriety, the Americanized version of the BBC comedy was originally panned by critics with Carell taking a lot of the

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