Bill Murray Thinks He Could Moderate the Next Debate (Video)

The actor made a surprise appearance on Fox Business Network Tuesday Fox Business Network viewers got a surprise Tuesday when actor Bill Murray showed up on “The Claman Countdown.” Murray appeared behind contributor Robert Wolf during a segment, sitting on the couch and reading a magazine while his friend was introduced to about the upcoming election. “I think he really

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What Amber Rudd really thinks of her daughter's VERY public sex life

What ex-Home Secretary Amber Rudd really thinks of her 29-year-old daughter’s VERY public sex life – revealed in tweets about flavoured condoms and nipple hairs Julia Lawrence met Amber Rudd and her children Flora and Alasdair Gill on Zoom Flora ‘outed’ her mother as a day-time tippler on Twitter for drinking cocktails at 11am She shared a snapshot from the

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Emilio Estevez Thinks 'St. Elmo's Fire' Is 'Not a Great Film' — Here's Why

Emilio Estevez doesn’t particularly like St. Elmo’s Fire. The 1985 drama about young adults adjusting to life after college is among the movies that have defined Estevez’s acting career. In the years since the film originally hit theaters, St. Elmo’s Fire has become one of those films that’s synonymous with movies of the 1980s.  Estevez, then only 23-years-old, starred in

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