Horrifying moment man steals car with child inside as desperate mum jumps in

Shocking footage has emerged showing a man stealing a car with a young child inside. Suspect Addi Tawfiq Maqableh attempted the carjacking outside Southwest Florida International Airport. Lee County Port Authority report that passenger Maqableh, 36, allegedly stole an airport employee's wallet containing $2,500 and her mobile phone. He was chased through the airport and managed to escape security. Eventually

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Nine new incredible species of shark which walk along seafloor discovered

Experts have discovered nine new species of "walking sharks". The new research published in Marine and Freshwater Research describes nine species of walking shark. All of the species live in the waters off northern Australia, eastern Indonesia, and near New Guinea. Walking sharks, that were initially discovered in 2013, sound like an upgraded threat to unsuspecting beachgoers. In the video,

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Woman accused of ‘filming herself raping boy, 5,’ in Instagram videos

A woman has been arrested on multiple charges of first degree rape and sexual battery, according to a Sheriff's Office in Louisiana. Lakien D. Perry was arrested after the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received a complaint about the 18-year-old from Louisiana State Police and The National Centre of Missing and Exploited Children. The complaint was about explicit conversations that took

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