1000lb Sisters appalled by Amy’s ‘dangerous’ surgery request

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy’s family celebrate goal weight

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The fourth season of 1000lb Sisters has been a difficult ride for the Slaton sisters, and there are currently reports of Amy separating from her husband Michael Halterman away from the TLC series. While the cameras were still rolling last year, Tammy finally achieved her goal to qualify for surgery, and fans were shocked when Amy asked whether she could try the procedure a second time.

Viewers were exasperated with Amy during this week’s episode when she asked Dr Procter if she could “redo” her weight loss surgery.

Tammy’s procedure finally arrived and, apart from some minor complications with her small bowel, the surgery was a success.

She now has two weeks ahead of her to recover from the operation whilst Amy takes the time to consider her own options.

After Tammy’s surgery was a success, Amy jumped onto a call with Dr Procter to check in on her progress after her two pregnancies.

During their last meeting, Amy weighed in at 275lbs, and Dr Procter was impressed she had only managed to gain six pounds in that time.

However, she still has a long way to go, and the surgeon assured her there was no need to attempt another operation when she asked for a “redo”.

Fans were stunned by Amy’s request and many of them took to social media to explain why more surgery would be incredibly dangerous.

Redditor u/maple_dreams fumed: “Amy asking Dr. Proctor if they need to ‘redo’ her surgery, omfg is she for real?

“She didn’t do too great the first time around wtf makes her think the second time would be successful??”

u/GrannyB1970 exclaimed: “Redo the surgery??? Holy c**p Amy why not actually oh, I don’t know, follow the freaking diet??? For once.”

And u/Friendly_Goose6023 commented: “The nerve of Amy asking the doctor to redo the surgery lmao. She didn’t even try the first time.

“I remember how angry the doctor was when she said she ate burritos the day after surgery. He said she could’ve ripped the stitches out but she didn’t care.

“And then getting pregnant right away when he said to wait for two years. And not following the diet whatsoever (and blaming the ‘baby’s’ cravings). And not having any progress at all in the past year since the last visit.”

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“She’s just looking for the easiest option. But if it were that easy it would have worked the first time.

“She needs to put in the effort to make it work. But I don’t think she’s willing to put in any of the effort. She thinks surgery will magically make her lose weight without trying.”

Over on Twitter, @MelaninQueen029 wrote: “Not Amy asking if they need to redo her surgery. Girl work out and stop blaming your pregnancies for your bad eating habits.”

@vanillaflava1 said: “They always want surgery instead of just eating right. ‘Do I need to redo my surgery?’ That’s why they keep gaining the weight back.”

And @ClassyLady_24 tweeted: “Amy you gotta put in work!! Talking about do you think we got to redo surgery? Girl boo!”

Viewers will now have to wait and see if Amy manages to change her habits in the coming weeks, but her latest call with Dr Procter could be cause for concern.

1000lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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