13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week – from the Bailey family’s arrival to Robert and Michelle’s reunion

THERE are lots of new beginnings on the cobbles next week as the Bailey family arrive and Michelle and Robert give things another go.

Here’s what’s in store…


David and Nick are still at each other’s throats and Nick locks David in the barbershop to stop him checking in with the police.

Tim is heartbroken when Tiny the horse goes missing.

Ken mistakes new neighbour Ed Bailey for a builder, to Ed’s amusement. Later he winds Ken up by saying the new owners have ten children and just as many animals.

Chesney is horrified after doing some maths and working out how much it will cost to look after four babies.

David and Shona set off in search of Natalie but are annoyed when her flat mate tells them she’s packed her stuff and cleared off.


Sarah and Adam are almost caught out by Gary, who has been given a key by Bethany.

He planned to cook Sarah a surprise meal, unaware she’s already moved on.

Steve is horrified when he discovers the lad he threatened with a baseball bat  – James Bailey – is now living on the Street.

Michael Bailey takes a shine to Michelle and – after words of encouragement from Robert – she agrees to go on a date with him.

But she’s secretly hurt by Robert’s attitude, not realising he’s struggling too.

David begins to suspect that Nick had something to do with Natalie’s disappearance. He and Shona keep investigating, what will they discover?


Robert confides in Daniel about how much he misses Michelle and she's touched when she overhears.

She comes up with a plan and later Robert finds her alone in a candlelit Bistro.

Michelle confesses she still loves him and wants him back. Robert is delighted, but later he sneaks off to deal with some unfinished business. What – or who – could it be?

Adam is taken aback when Sarah tells him she wants to keep their relationship secret.

Sinead is worried when she gets a letter from the hospital confirming her MRI scan. Will she get the all-clear?

Ken is horrified to find a hole in the living room wall as Ed and Michael work on the house next door.

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