90 Day Fiance: Why Brandon And Julia Finally Get To Sleep In The Same Room

Big changes are coming (finally) for 90 Day Fiance‘s youngest and arguably most popular couple, Brandon and Julia. The two young lovers, 27-year-old Brandon Gibbs from Dinwiddie, Va., and Julia Trubkina, 26, from Krasnodar, Russia, met during a video call set up by Brandon’s friend. They chatted for five months and met up twice before Brandon asked Julia to marry him. Brandon’s overbearing parents, Betty and Ron, seemed onboard with the marriage at first, watching patiently during a sweet but totally awkward airport reunion where the young lovers practically made out in the corridor. It’s surprising Betty didn’t physically separate them then and there.

No, she waited until that evening, when they returned to the farm where Brandon and his parents live, to lay down the law (via ScreenRant). Afraid the new couple was moving too fast — because 90 days isn’t quick enough? — and given Brandon’s (completely misguided) preference for not using protection, Betty insisted that Julia stay in a separate bedroom from Brandon. The couple did not like it, but Ron convinced Brandon to agree. After all, they are apparently his best friends.

Julia had agreed, at the time, but it looks like the tables turned with episode 9, “The No Bang Theory.” (And yes, they actually titled it that.) What happened? How did Brandon finally choose between the two most important women in his life? Keep reading to find out.

Brandon bargains with Julia's happiness in order to share a bedroom

After a difficult day working on the Gibbs family farm, poor go-go dancer and city girl Julia Trubkina tells her fiance Brandon how unhappy she is, especially given that the lovers have not been able to sleep in the same room. She wants to return to Russia, and Brandon realizes he has a choice to make: mom or fiancee? When Brandon stands up to parents Betty and Ron, telling them he and Julia will be moving out, Betty cries and takes it personally (as she does everything). She guilt-trips him, saying she hoped Brandon would inherit the family farm. “I wanted to be gaining a daughter, rather than losing my son,” Betty said, via TV Insider. “The fact that she’s making you choose between us and her… That just makes me so sad.”

Brandon’s response was not terribly sympathetic, as he replied, “That’s a beautiful world you paint,” but it should be up to him to live his own life. Instead, Betty and Ron treat their 27-year-old son as if he were 12. “Don’t make a stupid decision,” Ron declared (via Entertainment Tonight), doubting Brandon can afford to live on his own with a new wife. The pair insisted their son grow up and do the right thing — by continuing to live with his parents.

They later came to a compromise as Betty agreed to let Julia and Brandon share a bedroom together — if they agreed to stay in the house. Brandon really stepped up to adulthood by bargaining his way into sleeping with his girlfriend.

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