A Place in the Sun buyer issues cheeky warning after lacklustre house hunt ‘Final chance’

A Place In The Sun: Couple warn Charlie King – "last chance"

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Susan and Terry wanted to fulfil their dream and finally find their forever home in sunny Spain. With a budget of £120,000 and with wiggle room of £10,000, they set Steph Charles-King the challenge of finding their perfect house on Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun. However, despite Steph thinking of all their needs, the pair still weren’t excited about any of the houses they were shown, and when it came to the fifth and final house, Terry gave a cheeky warning that it was her last chance to impress them.

Introducing them to the show, Steph asked: “What is it about this stretch of the coast that you just love so much?”

Terry explained: “We just feel at home, as soon as we get off of the plane, everything is just so familiar, and that’s why we want to spend the rest of our days here.”

Steph continued: “So who will be enjoying the time here with you both?” to which Susan revealed: “Terry has got two daughters, and we’ve got three grandchildren, and they would just love it.”

The couple also explained to Steph that they were already based in the town, to which Terry revealed it would have been harder for them to get their residency.

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Moving on to their budget, they told Steph they had a budget of £120,000 but had wiggle room of £10,000.

They were looking for three bedrooms for their family, two bathrooms and most importantly, an outside space with a communal pool.

Steph informed them that their budget for what they were looking for was very low and might be a struggle, but she was up to the challenge.

The first house they saw was a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment with a communal pool and was on the market for £119,000, which was well within their budget.

However, they both felt it was a little outdated for them; they needed more space and too much work needed to be done to it.

The second house Steph took them to was a two-bed with one and a half bathrooms, and although it was on the market for £129,000, the owner was willing to negotiate.

Unfortunately, this house was also a no from the couple as Terry revealed to Steph he would soon be having knee replacement surgery and needed to keep away from any stairs.

The third house was finally a contender for the couple, as the two-bedroom, two-bathroom was on the market for £125,500.

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With a lift and two communal swimming pools, Terry and Susan kept their one in mind as they went and looked at the fourth property.

Steph took them to a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house which had an enormous amount of space, however, it was much further away from amenities than the rest of them.

Talking to Steph after looking around, Terry and Susan told her they realised that three-bedroom houses were much more expensive than they thought and needed a better location.

Steph replied: “So what we are going to do then? For the fifth and final property, we’re going to move onwards and upwards.”

To which Terry cheekily warned: “Oh, that will do, final chance!”

Property number five was a two-bedroom and two-bathroom property on the market for £129,000, but again, the owner was willing to negotiate as it had been up for sale for a while.

After looking at all five properties, Terry and Susan went away to think about which property would work best for them.

The next day, they, unfortunately, told Steph they wouldn’t be putting an offer in on any of the houses, as they realised they needed to expand their budget in order to find a three-bedroom place that suited them and their family.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 4pm on Channel 4. 
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