A Place in the Sun's Ben Hillman baffled by couple's VERY strange request as they get brutal double rejection

A PLACE in the Sun host Ben Hillman was left open-mouthed in a recent episode of the Channel 4 property programme after discovering what one couple were looking for from their dream home.

Sue and Ali from Weston-super-Mare were looking to relocate to the city of Almeria in Spain.

They had a budget of £70,000 to spend on their dream home.

But the presenter who organising the viewings was astounded when they began to reel off the demands they wanted him to adhere to.

Ben asked: “Happy to be here? I'm taking it you've been here a few times in the past?"

When the couple informed him they only been there once, he asked why they wanted to move to an area they hadn’t explored.

The guest replied: “For the sunshine and it doesn't rain much here” and admitted they knew “nothing” about the area.

Ben commented: "This is going to be an adventure, isn't it?”

When asked what they were looking for, the couple said they wanted to have as many rooms as they could within the establishment and possibly a swimming pool.

They also added they wanted land they would fence off to allow the dogs to roam and a garage space they could transform into a bedroom.

Looks wise, the couple was seeking a modern look on the inside and Spanish from the outside on the coast and with at least two bedrooms.

They informed Ben that they weren’t fans of the beach to which Ben replied: “We don't hear that often.”

When asked: "Are you happy to do a little bit of work if it needs it?” The couple said they wouldn’t mind doing “a little bit.”

"I mean, that might be useful given your budget and what you're after," the property expert told the couple.

Ben showed them five properties and the couple opted for a house on the market for £68,000.

They put in a low offer of £60,000 and their offer was rejected, and this led them to put in £64,000 but this also was rejected by the seller.

Ben explained to the camera at the end of the episode the couple were still looking for their dream home.

A Place in the Sun airs weekday at 4pm on Channel 4.

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