A Place in the Sun's Ben Hillman blasts 'hard work' couple for picky demands – and their response is priceless

A PLACE In The Sun's Ben Hillman lost his patience with one couple whom he called "hard work."

Hillman was showing Ali and Sue around some properties in Almeida, Spain on Channel 4's A Place In The Sun when he lost his cool.

Ali and Sue were looking for a Spanish property to get some more sun and hoped to relocate permanently.

Their search started well with the couple willing to look at properties further away from the beach, but the mood quickly changed.

With their budget of £70,000 and they were hoping to find a two-bedroom villa that had lots of space for their German shepherd dog.

“We don’t do the beach,” Sue told Hillman when he asked if they would be willing to move inland.

“I don’t hear that often,” Hillman replied. “Are you happy to do some work on the property? Are you both handy with tools?”

“Yes very,” Sue answered.

Hillman added: “I love that confidence, that might be useful with what you’re looking for with your budget.”

They looked at some properties but the couple did not like one of the terraced homes he showed them.

Ali was keen on the third property but Sue wasn't convinced and then Hillman took them to see a fourth place.

“I know Ali, you really liked the last property, didn’t you? Are you getting the same feelings?” Hillman asked.

Ali replied: “No,” and Hillman said: “What’s not working?”

“All of it,” he retorted and a shocked Hillman replied: “Oh, wow.”

“Looks alright,” Sue added. “It doesn’t look very big but I could be wrong.”

Hillman replied: “Well it’s a good-sized two-bedroom property, this time we’ve got less land, about a fifth of an acre.”

“It’s our first property under budget, just under £69,000.”

He was met with silence and Hillman quipped: “Don’t jump up and down all at once.”

Sue quickly hit back: “Well it’s not a lot under budget, is it?”

“Oh goodness you’re hard work,” Hillman told her and Sue agreed: “We are hard work.”

Hillman persisted: “You’ve still got these beautiful views, you’ve still got this peaceful tranquil environment."

“I’m going to let you look at this one on your own.

“I’m trying my best but if it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

Right on cue, the final Hillman’s final option won the couple over and they decided to put an offer forward on the property. 

Their offer was rejected but the couple wanted the owner to know their proposal would remain available.

Hillman shot to fame in 2010 when he won ITV's nationwide search for The Next Big Thing in interior design.

Since then he has hosted The Renovation Game for Channel 4, as well as You Deserve This House, 60 Minute Makeover with Peter Andre and Auction Party with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

He is also an ambassador for Black and Decker.

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