A Place in the Suns Ben Hillman taken aback as couple halt viewing not for us

A Place in the Sun guests tell Ben property 'not for them'

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Ben Hillman was tasked with finding the perfect new home in the sun for couple David and Victoria on a repeat episode of A Place in the Sun. The three were exploring different potentials in Los Alcazares, Costa Calida in the area of Southeast Spain. The couple were looking for an apartment near the beach that they could escape to during weekends away as well as enjoy longer breaks with their family. Armed with a budget of £110,000, Ben was sure he could find them an ideal place. But the Channel 4 show got a bit awkward after the couple stopped one of the viewings before looking around it fully.

After visiting two properties that hadn’t quite suited the couple, Ben took them to a three-bed apartment in La Manga for the third option.

It had a private balcony overlooking the marina and sea beyond, with parking and access to a communal pool.

La Manga is the strip of land between the Mar Menor lagoon and the sea.

The area also has a coastline featuring several beaches and marinas as well as bars and restaurants.

Standing outside the property, Victoria looked unsure. “It’s different,” she said.

Ben replied: “Be honest,” and asked her to share her first impression. She repeated: “It is different… it’s a block.”

She added: “It has more of a hotel look.” Ben remarked: “This one is on the market, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms for £126,695.”

He continued: “And I know what you’re thinking – that’s over-budget.” Victorian answered: “Well yes!”

“Here’s the thing,” Ben started. “They recently accepted an offer for just over £110,000 – it fell through but you could do it within budget.”

He added that the property came with a communal pool. “Let’s see what an apartment block really means from the inside,” he commented before leading the couple inside.

Upon entering, he continued: “Let’s see if I can change your minds on this one – I would say it’s probably the best living space we’ve seen.”

“It has a great view,” Victoria observed, still looking concerned.

Dave gave his view, commenting: “It’s a good size, the layout works. But a downside – the block feels a bit, umm-“

“Not like a holiday home,” Victoria cut in. “It’s more like coming on holiday.”

“Really?” Ben asked, looking slightly surprised. “Yes,” David answered. “That’s the vibe. And we want to make it our own home.”

Continuing with the tour, Ben pointed out the display of marina views surrounding the property.

But the couple didn’t respond and showed no reaction. Sensing their awkwardness, a worried Ben said: “You’re not really… There’s nothing about you saying ‘yeah this is’. What’s going on, come on?”

It was Victoria who broke the silence, stating: “Um, I mean it is a great apartment.”

“Views are great,” Dave added. “But it’s not for us.” Ben asked: “Seeing as we’re here, do you want to see anymore?”

“I don’t think so,” Victoria replied. Agreeing, Dave remarked: “We’ll leave it.”

“Alright then,” Ben said. Luckily though, the property expert seemed to find a winner in the last apartment.

Property five was a three-bed apartment in Lo Pagan. It featured a private terrace with sea views and an open plan living space. The property was priced at £111,864, but the couple put in an initial offer of £100,000 on the condition that they would move as soon as possible and fix parts up.

The owners wouldn’t budge though, so the couple decided to pay the full asking price, securing their place in the sun.

“It feels fantastic,” Dave commented as the deal was made.

A Place in The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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