A Place in the Suns Craig Rowe shut down as buyers spot problem with property choice

A Place in the Sun: Couple reveal ‘problem’ with property

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During Wednesday’s new episode of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 host Craig Rowe tried to find Alistair and Jennifer from Milton Keynes their dream holiday home in Mijas Pueblo on Spain’s Costa del Sol. The couple, who admitted they had high expectations, had £200,000 to spend, although, explained for the perfect property they could stretch to £225,000.

The property expert got off to a great start with the first viewing which was priced at just under £200,000.

Before they had even stepped foot inside, the couple seemed to be blown away.

Despite only having two bedrooms, Alistair and Jennifer appeared to love the property.

However, things took a U-turn when they noticed how small the rooms were inside.

When Craig asked what they thought of the holiday home, the couple quickly pointed out an issue with it.

“You have given us a problem,” Alistair admitted as his wife chipped in: “It is nice downstairs, but upstairs is a little bit tight on space inside.

“The upstairs balcony is fantastic, it’s just with it being two bedrooms, the second bedroom is perhaps a little bit on the small side.”

“I did wonder whether that would end up being a dilemma,” a disappointed Craig replied.

They may have been disappointed with the lack of space, but the house hunters didn’t rule out the first property straight away.

The second holiday home, which was a three-bed townhouse, was also a hit with the buyers.

It was more spacious inside and had stunning viewers from the terrace.

The couple were quick to shut down Craig’s first property and said the second was a contender.

The third property was priced way above the couple’s budget at £243,000, although, Craig reassured them they would be able to negotiate on the price.

He also explained the furniture inside the home came included in the price.

Again, the duo seemed to like what they saw, although when the property expert asked for their final thoughts, they ruled it out completely.

Jennifer told the presenter that she couldn’t get past the noise from the road.

Craig asked whether the property was a contender despite the noise, however, he was quickly shut down.

The expert promptly moved on to the next property which was priced below their budget at £192,000.

The couple loved the views and how spacious the property was, but they admitted to Craig they just weren’t feeling it.

When it came to making a decision, Jennifer and Alistair couldn’t make up their minds and decided to think about their options further.

They explained to Craig they were going to fly out to Spain in another two weeks to keep searching for their perfect property.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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