A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman despairs over ‘tough’ search ‘Not getting the vibe’

A Place In the Sun: Guests call holiday home 'soulless'

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John and Cathrine from Yorkshire were hoping to find a place in the Central Loire Valley in France to live and turn into a thriving B&B business. With a budget of £100,000 though, Jasmine Harman struggled to find them the perfect place within their price limit. But the presenter was happy to take on the challenge on A Place in the Sun, despite the couple “not getting the vibe” from a few places shown on the Channel 4 show.

The couple, who have four grown up children between them, said it was time for them to follow their dreams, explaining it was “now or never”.

They also had their beloved dogs to think about during the search, so Jasmine had to make sure each requirement was met.

Property one was initially the only place John said could potentially be a contender.

As a two-bed property in Anjouin, the farmhouse had a very large back garden and a cosy, traditional living space inside. It was valued at £83,086 at the time of filming. But things went downhill for the trio after the first property.

The second option Jasmine found was a five-bed house in St. Plantaire.

The former B&B had a decent amount of space to the side of the main house, including a double garage and a huge garden at the back.

Valued at £90,081, the price was promising but the couple explained it wasn’t quite right for them, and it lacked business potential.

The third home, a three-bed house in Chaillac, also didn’t make the cut.

Jasmine’s next house was a detached country home, for £103,500. The presenter thought she’d found something which met all the couples’ needs, but unfortunately she was mistaken.

“I’m not getting the vibe,” Cathrine admitted while searching.

“It’s a tough ask, with this budget,” Jasmine explained, with John admitting the price meant they “were struggling”.

“The business potential just isn’t there,” Chathrine noted. The couple agreed to expand their budget slightly so Jasmine could put more options on the table.

Thankfully, the fifth and last property ended up being the perfect find.

A two-bed house in Lignac, the characterful house had a good-sized garden and a bright and airy kitchen-diner inside.

“That’s really cute, it’s the nicest we’ve seen,” Cathrine commented as they viewed the outside.

“It’s on the market for just over £116,000,” Jasmine reluctantly explained, adding: “I’m hoping you’ll think the business potential is here.”

Upon exploring the inside, John and Cathrine were thrilled, with the former stating to Jasmine: “You’ve really done it this time.”

“What a relief! It’s not been easy,” Jasmine replied. When she asked how it compares to the first property, John commented: “No, this has definitely elevated itself to the top.”

The couple made an offer and were able to buy their home in France, which also had plenty of space for their dogs.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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