A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman gloats at Jonnie Irwin’s loss ‘Bad luck!’

A Place in the Sun: Jasmine says 'bad luck Jonnie' at property

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Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman were going head to head in Thursday’s instalment of A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. Jonnie was in Devon while Jasmine was house hunting in Dordogne, France for Phil and Geraldine. The couple were looking for a minimum of three bedrooms and a modern interior. And when Jasmine showed them around the second property she had lined up, the couple remarked how “perfect” it was causing her to gloat and suggest she had won the challenge against Jonnie before all houses were visited and a decision over Home or Away was made. 

It was Phil who wanted to stay put in Britain, telling Jonnie how he “spent a year as a young man in Devon” and “loved the county,” arguing 

it’s wonderful”. 

Geraldine was team ‘away’ and said: “I’m thinking if we’re going to move anywhere let’s have a real adventure, let’s go somewhere dramatic.” 

With a budget of £375,000 for a home in Devon, Jonnie got to work and the first house he showed the couple was a four-bedroom terrace situated in Seaton, Devon. 

The property benefitted from three floors, french doors opening out to the garden, a single garage and a private parking space. 

It was on the market for £335,000 and while the garden was “a little on the small side,” Phil and Geraldine said they could “make it work”.  

Jonnie then took to couple to Ilminster to check out a former Victoria school which had been transformed into a detached three-bedroom character home in the part of the village. 

The Grade II listed home boasted a large luxury bathroom, fitted kitchen, garden, driveway and double garage. 

For £375,000, Phil and Geraldine could snap it up but the latter was “worried about the road” and thought the interior was a “bit olde-worlde” for her. 

She was also concerned about the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the building. 

The presenter was quick to move the buyers on and took them to the village of Colyton which was accessible from Seaton via a 10-minute tram ride. 

The property Jonnie had secured a viewing for was a 1970’s house that had been modernised both outside and in. 

There was plenty of parking, a good-sized garden and had a modern kitchen-living-dining room downstairs. 

It had three-four bedrooms depending on how it was configured and it was on the market for a little of the budget at £382,500 but the sellers were keen to negotiate. 

As for whether any of the houses were contenders, Geraldine said number three was “lovely” but there was “too much to do” to get it to how they wanted it to be. 

Surprisingly, they both loved the townhouse with Phil explaining: “It’s in a really nice area, the development was very attractive and quiet. Slight problem was the tree floors, but at the moment I think we could live very happy in that house.” 

It was then Jasmine’s turn to persuade the couple to move to France and she grilled them on the specifications they were looking for.

“Character on the outside, but modern on the inside,” Geraldine said. “A swimming pool – of course – and three to four bedrooms.” 

Phil said it was important to be “in or close to a community” and Jasmine got cracking with finding them the perfect property. 

The first house Jasmine took the buyers to was a three-bed stone building located in a quiet village close to Beaumont and Issigeac amenities. 

It was recently renovated and offered a spacious open plan living-dining-kitchen as well as three separate bathrooms, a study, a 0.2 acre garden and swimming pool. 

At the time of filming, it was on the market for €325,000. 

“Wow, lovely!” Geraldine said. “It’s really pretty, very French.” 

The second property being viewed was in Beaumont-du-Perigord and was all on one level having been built in 2002. 

It was on the market for €319,500 and offered a heated swimming pool with a large covered terrace as well as a two-bed guest house with it’s own kitchen. 

“I’m quite excited about showing this one too,” Jasmine remarked and headed indoors to take a look around. 

The presenter then took the couple outside to see the pool and both Paul and Geraldine noted how “perfect” it was. 

Jasmine gloated: “Bad luck Jonnie!” And Paul added: “Sorry Jonnie.” 

Speaking to the camera, Jasmine said: “I knew this place would be a really practical option and it looks like they agree. It looks like it’s goodbye Devon and hello Dordogne.” 

As for what the third property in France had to offer, it was “a rustic converted farmhouse with a modern interior” and priced at €299,250. 

Inside there were three bedrooms and two bathrooms, set on 1.66 acres of land with a barn. 

Air conditioning, double glazing and fantastic countryside views were also included as well as a covered terrace. 

“I’m getting mixed messages from you two here,” Jasmine said frankly and Geraldine replied: “I think Phil’s more positive than I am.”  

As for what Geraldine and Phil decided, they chose France and the second property Jasmine showed them. 

A Place in the Sun: Home or Away airs weekday afternoons at 4pm on Channel 4. 

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