A Place in the Suns Laura Hamilton warns guest you cant afford it

A Place in the Sun: Laura clashes with guest on apartment block

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Tina and her son Nick from Bolton joined Laura Hamilton on a property search in Puerto Rico on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria on Friday. The picky buyer wanted a lot for her money but A Place in the Sun’s Laura was forced to bring Tina and Nick back down to earth when they continued to dismiss potential properties. 

Tina was looking for a forever home after retiring and invited her youngest son Nick along for advice. 

She had a budget of £120,000 which she was willing to stretch to £130,000 for the right property. 

Nick’s brother lived in Gran Canaria for 10 years and Tina felt it would be the perfect place to retire to. 

Speaking about the area, Nick said: “It’s amazing out here I want [mum] to retire in the sun.”

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She listed cycling, walking, joining clubs and making friends as some of the activities she hoped to enjoy.

“Ideally I’d like two bedrooms but saying that I’ve looked at one bed and they’re huge, outside space and community pool if possible,” she added.

Laura warned the guest to “manage expectations” but Tina’s search was particularly difficult. 

The retiree admitted none of the first three properties matched her criteria. 

Laura decided to take a gamble with the fourth option and showed the pair a property that had a lot of potential.

Although the one-bed apartment was a part of an outdated block, Laura explained the building was due to go under renovation. 

However, Tina and Nick struggled to see beyond what was in front of them. 

“I haven’t got anything positive to say,” Nick remarked. “Maybe if I saw it after it’s been done up.”

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Laura hit back: “If you saw it after it’s done you wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

Despite the host encouraging the pair to use their imagination, Tina ruled out the fourth property. 

Finally, Laura had some success with her final offering but once again Tina was unsure due to accessibility issues. 

After the search, Laura admitted: “It’s been a tricky time trying to please Tina and son Nick.

“It’s been tough trying to find her everything she wants.”

Once Tina had seen all the options, she told Laura: “We’ve spent the whole night discussing and talking about everything.”

Referring to the final property Nick said: “It ticked every box, in the now it would be okay but in 10 years time… Heart said yes but head said no.”

Tina explained the fact you could only access the property by a flight of stairs meant she had to rule it out.

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 4pm.

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